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Donor Stories

Photo of Dr. Alphonso Baldwin

Dr. Alphonso Baldwin

Dean, Lakeshore Campus

I support the CLC Foundation for many reasons, some social, some altruistic, and some political. However, my closest association for my giving is with my personal connection to the community college mission. Most refer to me as Dr. Baldwin today. However, I received my first degree from a community college that allowed me to complete a health career program that provided education/training for me to take care of my growing family.

The transformative power that education has in changing the lives within its respective community cannot be overstated. College completion is a life-changing event that positively shapes individuals, families, and the community. Sadly, this empowering experience is limited to some due to financial constraints. It is for this reason that I gladly do my part at the College of Lake County in “paying it forward” to help create an opportunity that changes lives for the residents of our community.

Photo of Leticia Swift

Leticia Swift

College and Work Transitions Coordinator, Adult Education

I support CLC because I believe in the mission of community colleges: to provide educational opportunity for those who need it most. I’ve worked for CLC for 15 years, initially as an adjunct in the Adult Education Department, and more recently as a coordinator assisting GED and English as a Second Language students as they transition to career programs.

In my position as the College and Work Transitions Coordinator, I see first-hand how Adult Education students balance work and family responsibilities, and all the life stressors associated with doing too much with so little. Sometimes life becomes too hard, and students have to drop out for a bit, but Adult Education students keep coming back, until they have that GED, or the English skills they need to be successful in a career program.

I love being part of CLC’s Adult Education Department, and I get to hear some pretty amazing stories from students who initially don’t see themselves as “college material”; however, with hard work and the encouragement and support of CLC’s faculty and staff, their self-perceptions begin to change. Slowly their confidence grows, and the students begin to believe that they have potential and new educational options. That’s when donations to CLC’s Foundation Office become so important. Big or little, donations make all the difference in students’ lives. Sometimes, I give small donations to the Women’s Center for specific events like the Holiday Giving Tree; other times, I make a bigger contribution to the many wonderful scholarships available through the CLC Foundation. Honestly, the best part of the semester is when a student runs into my office to share that they received a Foundation scholarship. It makes me so happy to know that for a little while at least, their lives are just a bit easier because of your donation and mine.