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Student Stories

Photo of Christian Carrillo

Cristian Carrillo

Abbey Scholar

“Scholarships give me the opportunity to place 100% of my time and effort on my academic goals. I owe this year’s accomplishments to the Abbey Family and CLC Foundation. There are many hard working students out there just like me that just need the right help financially.”

Photo of Katherine Cruz

Katherine Cruz

CLC Scholar

“As a stay-at-home mother of two, returning to school was a challenge for my family’s budget. Receiving two scholarships has allowed me to save money for next semester, while providing the financial security, encouragement and motivation to continue my education.”

Photo of Betty Derza

Betty Derza

CLC Scholar

“Scholarships are important because they allow students like me to receive an education no matter what difficulties we face. Scholarships take some of the burden off our shoulders and help us succeed.”

Photo of Maria Elizarraraz

Maria Elizarraraz

Returning Adult Grant, Lake County Women’s Coalition

“Scholarships give students the luxury to breathe. Being a mother and wife, the financial stress of bills, rent and child care is always on my mind. My scholarship awards have given me the chance to make my schoolwork a priority and raise my children to see that an education is the most important investment for their futures.”

Photo of Samantha Gallagher

Samantha Gallagher

Peter Meyer Memorial Art Scholarship

“Students that apply for scholarships are big dreamers. We aspire to challenge ourselves, to understand new concepts and ask questions. With the help of scholarship donors, you give students like me that extra push to help us achieve our dreams.”

Photo of Kiley Niemeyer

Kiley Niemeyer

Sam Schevera Memorial Scholarship

“As an engineering major, my classes require dedicating many hours of studying and coursework outside of class, limiting the number of hours I can work at my part-time job. My scholarship minimizes the need to take out expensive student loans and allows me to achieve a work-school-life balance.”

Photo of Devonn Overstreet

Devonn Overstreet

Irl H. and Marjorie Marshall Scholarship

“Scholarships help fund the future. By giving to the CLC Foundation, you can enable those who may not be as financially fortunate to pursue their dreams to change the world.”

Photo of Abygail Perez

Abygail Perez

Alicia Hernandez Scholarship

“Dear donors, because of your amazing deed, struggling college students like me have less to worry about financially. We are able to focus on academics instead of picking up another shift at work to pay for tuition. Thank you!”

Photo of Omar Salgado

Omar Salgado

Athletic Academic Achievement, CLC Honors Scholar, Diversity Award

“Scholarships are like bundles of hope waiting to spread like wildfire and give strength to pass the finish line. Scholarships are not only important, but they are essential. They are the backbone of a college education. It motivates students like me to confidently move forward to pursue a greater education.”

Photo of Zachary Smith

Zachary Smith

CLC Honors Scholar

“My accomplishments would not have been possible without donors’ financial support. CLC has a very diverse and determined student body. Scholarships allow CLC students to accomplish goals and attain their dreams. Scholarship donors turn dreams into reality, just as scholarships change the lives of recipients.”

Our Scholarships

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