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Network Services

Network Services operates two data centers and numerous wiring centers across three campuses. The College’s main datacenter is focused on primary operations while the secondary datacenter is geared towards disaster recovery. Each datacenter provides mirroring, disaster recovery and failover capabilities for systems. Both datacenters are equipped with fire protection along with environmental control and backup power.  All server, core network infrastructure, and storage systems are designed with scalability and fault-tolerance.

As we strive for excellence, we design and deploy systems incorporating the following philosophies:

Fault-tolerance and Redundancy

  • Facilities

    • All critical facilities are equipped with dual power distribution systems.
    • All Network Services facilities are equipped with UPS systems and emergency generators.
    • Both datacenters have brand new environmental controls and monitoring.
    • Both datacenters have state of the art, non-damaging fire suppression systems.

  • Infrastructure

    • All network equipment has redundancy features built in to the hardware.
    • The College is served by two physically independent Internet provider connections, ensuring that in the event of a provider outage, the College remains online.
    • The network equipment between the Internet and the College’s internal network is designed to overcome component failure and ensure uninterrupted data flow.
    • The College’s internal network cores, which are physically separated, act as distribution hubs that feed data throughout each campus.
    • Wiring centers are equipped with multiple uplink connections to the network cores, ensuring uninterrupted data flow.
    • The phone system is a cluster solution, making sure phone service is uninterrupted.
    • The wireless network is powered by multiple head-end controllers that provide seamless failover.

  • Server Farm

    • All servers have redundancy features built in, with some components being hot-swappable.
    • Enterprise systems are designed to compensate for hardware and software failure with little to no interruption in services.
    • Mission-critical data is housed in state of the art data storage systems that are replicated across multiple campuses.
    • The College’s growing virtual environment features High-Availability, compensating for multiple hardware failures before a virtual system will fail.

Disaster recovery

  • The College’s backup system is a grid-environment design which is then replicated across between campuses, allowing for one or more system failures without losing data or the ability to perform a backup and restore operations.
  • In addition to our backup systems, the College utilizes a SAN mirroring environment that replicates critical data stores between campuses.
  • The College’s virtual environment allows for virtual machines to be started at a remote facility in the event of critical failures at main campus.