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Institutional Effectiveness, Planning & Research

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The Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research is primarily responsible for collecting, analyzing, and distributing data that are relevant for planning, decision-making, and policy formulation. IEPR utilizes research and survey methodologies, validates data accuracy, and publishes periodic and other reports (e.g., Fact File, Facts & Trends, Enrollment Trends, and Graduate Follow-Up Study). The staff at IEPR responds to data and analysis requests from different members of the College community concerning a variety of issues.

Additionally, IEPR is responsible for submitting state ICCB required data on CLC's credit and non-credit enrollment, graduation, faculty and staff, facilities, and other data requirements. Another major responsibility of the office is to monitor and report on the strategic planning activities of the College. IEPR also conducts reviews of academic and non-academic departments and provides enrollment, cost, and revenue data for the academic program evaluation.

Census Day Enrollment Reports (PDF):

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