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Latest Updates: Lakeshore Campus Expansion

Lakeshore Campus Expansion 2021

A year-long time lapse video of construction progress at the Lakeshore Campus.

Governor JB Pritzker addressing members of the press corps at CLC's Lakeshore CampusMarch 3, 2021 – Governor JB Pritzker visited the Lakeshore Campus in Waukegan to to speak about the new Student Center building under construction on Sheridan Road. “The Student Center here is going to be an enormous benefit to the people who rely upon this institution. I’m just so proud to be here at the beginning of launching this project,” said Pritzker.

Also in attendance were CLC President Dr. Lori Suddick, State Rep. Rita Mayfield, State Senator Adriana Johnson, State Senator Melinda Bush, Waukegan Major Sam Cunningham and CLC Board of Trustee Torrie Mark Newsome.

Dr. Lori Suddick addressing the audience during Governor JB Pritzker's visit to the Lakeshore Campus

Dr. Lori Suddick, CLC President, delivering the welcome address during Governor JB Pritzker's visit to the Lakeshore Campus.

Waukegan Mayor Sam Cunningham

Mayor Sam Cunningham shares his excitement about the Lakeshore Campus development for future generations. "This is why we need to continue the process of reinvesting in rebuilding the State of Illinois and the city of Waukegan, simultaneously."

Campus Expansion Snapshots

Lakeshore Campus Expansion as of November 2021November 2021

Lakeshore Campus Expansion as of April 2021April 2021

Lakeshore expansion constructionJanuary 2021

Lakeshore Campus Expansion as of October 2021October 2021

Aerial photo of construction at Lakeshore campusMarch 2021

Lakeshore garage under construction as of December 2020December 2020

Lakeshore Campus Expansion as of September 2021September 2021

Lakeshore Construction as of February 2021February 2021

CLC and Contractor Meeting - Aug. 27,2020CLC, CBD and contractors meet in Lakeshore Campus parking garage Aug. 27, 2020.

Campus Expansion Highlights

  • 2020: (September): Construction begins.
  • 2020: Bids were received in May.
  • 2019: Construction documents completed in summer.
  • 2018: CDB prepares Legat contract modification and CLC Board approves.
  • 2018:State capital budget includes full project funding project.
  • 2017: CLC Board requests additional exterior designs for review and approves traditional option.
  • 2016 (September): CLC Board approves agreement with CDB to continue funding the design pending re-appropriation of state funds.
  • 2015 (July): State stopped project part way through design development.
  • 2013 – 2015: Programming and schematic design work completed.
  • 2013 (September): CLC, City of Waukegan and State of Illinois conduct celebration ceremony.
  • 2013 (August): State appropriates funds to Capital Development Board (CDB).
  • 2012: CLC issues bonds to fund the $14 million local match.
  • 2012: CLC Board approves project integration in Master Plan.
  • 2006: CLC Board approves Lakeshore Campus expansion and submits to Illinois Community College Board.

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