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Faculty, staff help pack nearly 29K meals for starving children

by Public Relations and Marketing | Published Nov 22, 2019


Six staff and faculty from the College of Lake County’s Lakeshore (Waukegan) Campus gave back to the community Nov.22, volunteering to pack food at the Libertyville facility of Feed My Starving Children. The Minnesota-based nonprofit distributes packaged food formulas for severely malnourished children, mostly in developing nations.

The CLC group worked with Photos of CLC employees at Feed My Starving Childrendozens of other volunteers, and collectively, the volunteers packed in their 90-minute session 133 boxes of food. That translates to 28,728 meals, enough to feed 78 children for a year, at value of nearly $6,900, according to FMSC officials.

Photo: The CLC participants at Feed My Starving Children included, from left: Gabriel Nye, recruiting and student life specialist; Jan Salvadorini, clinic and infection control coordinator for the dental hygiene career program; Jo Beckwith, professor emeritus, library; and Lisa Daniels, senior program coordinator, Judicial Services. Also volunteering were Natalia Casper, mathematics instructor and Nick Corpolongo, volunteer coordinator, Judicial Services.

The meals, consisting of bagged formulas of either rice or a powdered potato/soy combination, are developed by food science and nutrition professionals to supplement nutritional needs and reduce problems with malnutrition, according to the FMSC website.

“The experience was both sobering and encouraging,” said Gabriel Nye, recruiting and student life specialist. “At the end, when you view on a screen a slide showing the statistics of how many children you have helped in your volunteer session at FMSC, you get to see your impact. I highly recommend this experience to anyone.”

Jan Salvadorini, clinic and infection control coordinator in the dental hygiene career program, said the volunteer work is an example of compassion, one of CLC's six core values. The other values are purpose, integrity, excellence, inclusion and unity. She added that the effort also applies a current CLC goal of promoting civic engagement.

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