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CLC alum pursues pathway for successful law career

by Public Relations and Marketing | Published Sep 25, 2020

Charting his own course in challenging waters is part and parcel of Connor Mallon’s ambition. Mallon, a 2016 CLC graduate from Grayslake, will be attending the Law School at the University of Chicago this fall, ranked as the fourth best law program in the United States -- an opportunity Mallon admits is beyond his wildest dreams as he pursues a law career.

"The College of Lake County is a new beginning” Mallon said, reflecting on his time at CLC. “It is the start of something great, where the field is leveled for people who may not have the same opportunity as others. My life was changed by those amazing opportunities and I hope to one day return the favor." Connor Mallon

Mallon was part of CLC Scholars, a rigorous program with a curriculum designed for students who may pursue graduate work — a pathway already on Mallon’s radar. With a selective admissions policy, students accepted into this demanding program take on specialized academic assignments, projects and activities under the direction of faculty, in addition to extra humanities studies and an on-campus job.

For Mallon, the CLC Scholars program was extremely motivating — and in keeping with the Socratic Method, provided meaningful interactions with students through collegial dialogues and discourse. In exploring the mindsets and presuppositions of others, Mallon also strengthened his critical thinking and listening skills, sharing thoughts and ideas in a safe, collaborative environment.

These experiences gave Mallon the confidence to pursue other opportunities, including his role as president of CLC’s Student Government Association (SGA). Through his involvement, Mallon built up his professional skills working with other CLC organizations and the Student Executive Board as well as representing the student body at meetings with the college’s board of trustees.

"Transformation describes my tenure as student government president,” said Mallon. “Before attending College of Lake County and becoming a member of the student government, every project or assignment I had only affected me. As Student Government President, my actions had consequences for many people other than myself - a sobering thought. This forces a level of maturity, professionalism and accountability that comes into play every day in my career."

Upon earning his associate degree — and giving the commencement speech at his graduation —Mallon’s academic trajectory continued at Elmhurst College (now Elmhurst University), where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. After taking a year off to work and save money, he accepted a full scholarship to the College of Law at the University of Illinois and after his stellar first year, he has aimed ever higher. Mallon will transfer to the acclaimed University of Chicago Law School this September.

By his own admission, Mallon’s interest in law was shaped by his work and experiences at CLC. He is impassioned to learn how the law and government policy impacts life for individuals with challenging backgrounds such as his own. Mallon ultimately aspires to a career in corporate law, with an eye towards an eventual state or federal judgeship.

The legal studies department offers two options, a two-year degree and a post-degree certificate program. Both the degree and certificate are approved by American Bar Association. CLC's legal studies program is an excellent transfer option for pre-law students who will graduate with an attractive credential and significant career opportunities to work as paralegals while continuing their education. Our program prepares students to perform substantive and procedural legal work under the supervision of an attorney. All courses are taught by practicing attorneys.

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