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AQIP Action Projects (2019-2020)

Student Communication

This project will focus on identifying effective, efficient, and accessible student communication channels. It will involve a deep dive into the effectiveness of current communication strategies (email, social media, text, phone, print, face-to-face) followed by identification of practices and innovative strategies that work best for CLC students. The result will be an assessment of how the college can effectively engage current students, communicate important information, build affinity to the college, create dialogue, and ultimately support student learning and success.

This project aligns with CLC Strategic Pillar 1: Access & Success for Students. In addition, this project aligns with current work by the Student Success Team as well as the CLC Digital Strategy project.

Employee Communication

This AQIP project is a continuation of the 2018-19 Employee Satisfaction and Engagement AQIP project. Based on employee survey feedback, communication is an issue across the college. This project will dig deeper into concerns about employee communication to identify recommendations for improved communication. The project aligns with feedback from the 2017 HLC Systems Appraisal (3P2) that emphasized a need to assess and use employee survey data for continuous improvement in morale and engagement.

This project directly addresses CLC Strategic Pillar 5: Collaborative Culture. In addition, this project aligns with current work by the Governance Coordinating Commission and projects under Human Resources.

Community Service

This project will develop a college policy, process, and plan to encourage greater involvement in community service. This project will provide evidence that CLC faculty, staff, and students engage with the local community and are committed to the public good in fulfillment of the college’s mission.

This project directly aligns with CLC Strategic Pillar 4: Community & Workforce Partnerships. In addition, this project aligns with work under the Community and Workforce Partnerships unit of the college.