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Diversity at CLC

You Are Welcome Here

College of Lake County is committed to ALL students. You Are Welcome Here.

Why is diversity important at the College of Lake County?

One important answer is: the college must embrace diversity if it is to prepare students for a world that increasingly requires people from very different backgrounds and places to work and do business with each other.

Another, perhaps even more fundamental answer, is that diversity is an integral part of who we are. You need only visit one of our campuses to realize that our students are diverse. A diverse world is not just “out there” awaiting our students; it is here at the college and an essential part of the CLC experience.

That is why we are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that helps each member of the college community feel welcomed and valued. That environment is about encouraging mutual respect and understanding. And it's about creating opportunity and eliminating bias. But as fundamental as these ideas may sound, they are not easy to achieve. Success requires a range of approaches, everything from being inclusive in our hiring practices to infusing multicultural content in our curriculum.

Diversity is a Value

CLC believes so much in the importance of diversity that it is featured prominently in the college's strategic plan as both a core institutional value and as one of our six strategic goals. We believe that diversity is a value we hold, but it is also something that we must actively work to achieve.

Diversity Council and Governance

To support us in living up to our diversity value and achieving our diversity goal, we have established a Diversity Council as part of our governance structure. It provides direction and recommendation of diversity-related activities and a forum for generating ideas and new initiatives. But to really make progress on diversity, we will need the support and involvement of the entire college community. We invite you to be part of this important effort to build a culture that truly realizes the opportunity-enhancing promise of diversity.

As part of our Diversity initiatives, the College provides the opportunity for employees to form Employee Resource Groups.  For more information on these groups, visit the Employee Resource Groups page.

College Policies

CLC is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and ensuring equal and fair treatment for employees and students.


Enroll at the College of Lake County, and you’re likely to find people who are similar to you and others who are very different (PDF). CLC welcomes all, believing that our differences make us a richer, more vibrant learning community.

Equity Statement

The College of Lake County (CLC) is committed to being equity-minded in how it supports its students and employees. Also, CLC is dedicated to instill the value of equity in each member of our community. At CLC, equity means providing a high-quality education and employment in a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment while meeting the particular needs of each community and individual. This value is imparted by providing professional and educational opportunities to instill the value of equity within each CLC community member. To achieve this goal, CLC is committed to ensure that all policies, procedures, and processes are free of barriers and provide a seamless experience to all who come to CLC.

This includes ensuring each student is provided the tools and support to empower them to achieve their academic, career, and personal goals, and that each employee has the tools and opportunities to provide excellent service, excel in their job, contribute to the CLC community, and progress in their professional development. CLC recognizes that equity is not resolved by using a one-size-fits-all approach. CLC is devoted to intentionally designing opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community members to succeed while supporting each person’s unique needs.

Diversity Statement

The College of Lake County (CLC) is committed to strengthening the diverse communities we serve. We stand to create an environment that names, embraces, and learns from differences through all policies, practices, and values. We encourage expression of one’s own identity and foster an atmosphere where we learn from others. CLC is dedicated to meeting the needs of everyone in our community, especially those who have been historically underserved. We are committed to being intentional about having crucial conversations to continually develop cultural competence and humility. At CLC, we celebrate and promote diversity because we believe that everyone benefits from being a part of a global society.

Inclusion Statement

The College of Lake County (CLC) is inclusive of all members of our diverse college community. We are committed to providing an inclusive environment where students, faculty, and staff can do their best in all of their endeavors. This is reflected through our policies, practices, beliefs, and actions. Inclusiveness at CLC means that each person’s input is heard and valued. The College is intentional when creating its entire organizational structure to ensure that there is representation of the diverse community it serves. By seeking input from the community as a whole, especially from people who have been traditionally silenced or ignored, CLC creates meaningful inclusion, leading to college-wide decisions, outcomes, and actions.

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