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Group of diverse students.

Diversity Council

A part of the College of Lake County governance system, the Diversity Council develops advisory recommendations and helps coordinate activities relating to diversity in the college community. Read the Charter (PDF).

Advisory recommendations of the council will support the implementation, achievement and maintenance of the diversity objectives set forth in the College’s Strategic Plan.

Diversity Council Co-Chairs

Jesse Morales
Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Strategy, Planning & Support

Lorri Scott
Instructor, Legal Studies

Diversity Event Schedule

What is a Lancer Circle?

The practice of community and restorative circles is a core indigenous wisdom tradition and a contemporary restorative practice. Community and restorative circles, known as Lancer Circles at CLC, seek to unearth and unlearn the deeply held, and often unconscious, beliefs created by racism, particularly the belief in a “hierarchy of human value”, which is the perception of inferiority or superiority based on race, physical characteristics or place of origin.

Lancer Circles promote substantive and meaningful dialogue that supports individuals in discovering their beliefs, understanding others, learning how to express themselves and identify other factors that support relationship and community building. The practice of circles brings about transformational and sustainable cultural change and addresses the historic and contemporary effects of racism.

What is the discussion going to look like?

Participants of a Lancer Circle will establish and agree on rules of engagement before any sharing occurs. Dialogue, mutual respect, and deep listening is expected of participants, but sharing of experiences is completely voluntary. Participants will engage in community and relationship building exercises and then deepen the conversation focused on the topic of their Lancer Circle. The dialogue will allow participants to share lived experiences or thoughts without interruptions while other participants practice active listening. After learning more about each other, the Lancer Circle will encourage participants to reflect on what they learn through the experiences of others and to develop actionable steps that can be applied to their daily lives.

Lancer Circles are hosted at limited capacity to ensure a good experience for all participants. Registering for a Lancer Circle is a request to participate. You will receive confirmation if your request is submitted before the Lancer Circle capacity is reached.

Diversity Council Standing Committees

As part of the Diversity Council, standing committees work independently, as well as collectively, to meet the goals of the council.

The committees, consisting of council members and other college employees, are as follows:

  • CLC UndocuAllies Committee
  • Student Development Committee
  • HR Commission Committee
  • LGBTQ+ Students' Advocate Committee
  • Anti-racist Committee
  • Land Acknowledgment Committee
  • Access and Inclusion Committee

These standing committees may also be supplemented by ad hoc committees as needed for different projects.

PRIDE Zoom Backgrounds

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Pride Month Zoom Background
Pride Month Zoom Background
Pride Month Zoom Background - Pride Flag

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