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Greening Our Campus

Since its inception in 1969, the College of Lake County has incorporated green ideas into its architecture, landscapes and college culture. In the 21st century, CLC is greening our campus to serve as a living laboratory of sustainable practices for students and members of the community.

The College of Lake County is doing its part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from commuter vehicles. CLC is offering preferred parking permits for student and employees with fuel efficient and low emission vehicles, meeting a green score of 50 points or better on

The Living Laboratory

CLC’s Sustainable Master Plan construction and renovations are dramatically greening our campuses. Join students and other visitors along the Living Lab Trail where you can discover sustainable technology and resource conservation on campus with features such as:

Greening our Facilities and Operations

The College of Lake County is committed to increasing the sustainability of its facilities and improving the efficiency of its operations. This commitment is guided by the Sustainability Plan and the college’s goal to move toward climate neutrality.

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