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Living Lab Trail

The College of Lake County serves as a living laboratory, demonstrating the triple bottom line of sustainability (placing equal value on the environment, economy and human equity), promoting health and wellness, honoring cultural diversity and encouraging global outreach. This living laboratory prepares students to reach their current and future goals and to pursue resilient careers in a changing world.

The Trail is an example of how CLC is a living laboratory, incorporating campus infrastructure and operations into learning opportunities that support education, career development and benefit the community.

The Living Lab Trail embodies these connections and we invite you to explore. The trail has no beginning or end. You can follow the informational signs throughout the campus outdoors or inside on your way to class.

Interactive Map

Click on a stop below for more information.

Living Lab Trail Map Wellness Geofield Willow Lake Bike Repair Station Prairie Bioswale EV Charging Station Apiary Farm Wetland Woodland

Get the Best out of the Trail

The exterior trail is a 1.5-mile loop, with intersecting pathways for shorter excursions. Cyclists can use the trail to connect to Lake County Forest Preserves or downtown Grayslake.

The outdoor trail is accessible dusk to dawn. The interior trail is accessible during the college’s operating hours.