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Steps for Home-Schooled Students

Step 1 - Apply

Complete a Student Admission Form

If you have never attended the college before, apply using the Student Admission Form.

If you are under 16 years of age, visit the Secondary School Reference Form webpage for steps to apply.

Step 2 - myLogin and Student Email

Know your username and password

If you know your username and password, you can login into myCLC and access the student systems.

Forgot your username or password?

CLC Student Email

Now that you have a myLogin, you also have a CLC student email address and account. CLC uses Gmail as the student email platform. Your myLogin username will be the first part of your CLC student email address. If your username is jdoe, your CLC student email address will be

CLC will communicate with you through your student email. Registration, financial aid, billing, and other important information will be sent to your student email. Check your email frequently so you stay connected.

You can choose from these options to access your CLC email:

  • Login to your email at and click “Student Email” on the left side
  • Add the Gmail app to your phone
  • Add your CLC student email account to the email app on your phone
  • Forward your CLC email to a personal account. You can set up forwarding from your CLC Gmail account or from Microsoft Office 365.

Step 3 - Transcript

Create a Transcript

For guidelines on building a transcript, see the sample transcript (PDF).

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. To be considered official, a transcript must be in a sealed envelope.
  2. Title of the school should appear on the top of the transcript. You may use your family name and postal address as the name of the school.
  3. A parent’s signature must be displayed on the transcript, preferably at the bottom. (This is considered to be the school official’s signature.)

Step 4 - Form

Complete a CLC Secondary School Reference Form

If you are currently under the age of 16, you must complete a CLC Secondary School Reference Form.

Step 5 - Proficiency

Show Proficiency for College-Level Work

Before you will be able to register for most college credit classes, you need to show that you are language proficient and basic algebra ready. You can demonstrate this proficiency by submitting ACT or SAT scores or by taking the college’s Academic Proficiency Test (APT).

To meet the proficiency requirements, you will need:

  • ACT score report showing reading, language and math scores of 17 or above or
  • SAT score report showing critical reading, writing and math scores of 450 or above or
  • Minimum APT test scores of 153 on the language test and 56 on the math test

For information about where and when you can take the Academic Proficiency Test, visit the Testing Center page. For information about preparing for the APT, visit the Math Center.

Step 6 - Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid and Scholarships

CLC offers a complete package of financial aid options (state and federal grants, scholarships, loans and work-study). We encourage students to apply, even if they think they may not be eligible. Many factors go into determining financial aid eligibility, so don’t assume you won’t qualify. Contact the Welcome and One Stop Center in Room B114 at the Grayslake Campus, call (847) 543-2062 or visit for information about completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the Alternate Financial Aid Application, and CLC Scholarship Application. CLC’s FAFSA federal school code is 007694, so be sure to use this on your FAFSA.

Step 7 - Register

Register for Classes

All students new to CLC will first meet with a College and Career Navigator (CCN) to confirm educational and career goals, program of study, and to receive first semester advising. After your application is processed, you will receive an email from your CCN, guiding you on next steps. To find your CCN’s contact info, log in to myStudentCenter  and click the Academic Progress tile to see the CLC Contacts assigned to you.

Before meeting with your CCN to discuss your success plan, complete the Starting Out at CLC online module. Go to Enter your name, CLC ID number, preferred email, and preferred phone number. If you don’t know your ID number, check your admission email or log into your Student Center to access the number. If you need to stop for any reason, you can log in later and resume your pre-orientation. If you have questions, contact for assistance.

After meeting with your CCN, you will register using the student portal (“myCLC” at If you need personal assistance, come to the Welcome and One Stop Center, Room B114, Grayslake Campus, the Student Services office at the Lakeshore Campus or the Campus and Student Support Center, Room V130, at the Southlake Campus.

New students seeking a degree or certificate that requires more than one semester (16 or more credit hours) are required to complete the College Success Seminar (CLC 120) with a grade of D or better to meet graduation requirements. Some new students may meet the milestone through other experiences. Your College and Career Navigator can assist you with questions about the milestone and requirement.

Step 8 - New Student Orientation and Convocation

Participate in New Student Orientation and Convocation

After registering for classes with your College and Career Navigator, you will receive information about completing new student orientation activities and convocation. Check your CLC student email for details. You will access personalized orientation modules and choose a date to attend New Student Convocation, CLC’s official welcome to the college. Convocation is held shortly before the start of classes, and you will meet your Academic Success Advisor during the program. For more information, visit

Step 9 - Pay


CLC enforces tuition payment deadlines, so it is important to make payment arrangements by your payment due date. To avoid being dropped for nonpayment, students should set up an installment payment plan, pay 40% or more of their balance due, or owe $500 or less. Students receiving financial aid are eligible for an installment payment plan under the “deferred” option. The installment plan only goes into effect if your aid does not cover your full tuition and fee obligation. Students will be dropped from their classes if they have not made payment arrangements. Veterans: Refer to the Veteran’s Request for Certification Form for payment plan requirements or contact Veteran Student Services at (847) 543-2018.

Visit for details on drop dates and payment options. For more information about tuition payments, call (847) 543-2085. For information about financial aid, call (847) 543-2062.

Step 10 - Textbooks

Get your textbooks and course materials

You will need textbooks and course materials for most of your classes at CLC. Some will be provided, but many will require that you to purchase materials. Based on your financial aid award package, you might be eligible to use your aid to pay for your books. CLC has a bookstore on each campus, with the Grayslake Campus stocking books for all classes. Ordering online at is the best way to find out pricing and availability. Orders can be picked up at any campus or shipped to your home. When buying in store, please print the Course Material List from myStudentCenter to order. Currently, over 350 titles can be rented. Information can be found on the CLC Bookstore website or by calling (847) 543-2086.