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Steps for Visiting Students & Course Takers

Step 1 - Apply

If you have never applied or enrolled at CLC

Welcome! If you have never attended CLC before, apply using the Student Admission Form.

If you have applied or enrolled at CLC previously

Welcome back! You do not need to re-submit a Student Admission Form. 

Follow these steps to determine if your student record is still active.

Step 2 - myLogin and Student Email

If you are new to CLC

When your application has been processed (usually within one business day),  you will be given a CLC myLogin username and temporary password as part of the admission process. If you provided a personal email address on your application your username and password will be emailed to you in two separate emails.  All new students will also receive an official admission letter with their login information via US Mail.

Once you have your username and temporary password, you can set up myLogin to access the CLC student portal called myCLC.

If you have previously enrolled at CLC

Use your myLogin username and password to login to myCLC and access the student portal.

Forgot your username or password?

CLC Student Email

Now that you have a myLogin, you also have a CLC student email address and account. CLC uses Gmail as the student email platform. Your myLogin username will be the first part of your CLC student email address. If your username is jdoe, your CLC student email address will be

CLC will communicate with you through your student email. Registration, financial aid, billing, and other important information will be sent to your student email. Check your email frequently so you stay connected.

You can choose from these options to access your CLC email:

  • Login to your email at and click “Student Email” on the left side
  • Add the Gmail app to your phone
  • Add your CLC student email account to the email app on your phone
  • Forward your CLC email to a personal account. You can set up forwarding from your CLC Gmail account or from Microsoft Office 365.

Step 3 - Prerequisites

Special Option for Meeting Prerequisites

If you attend another college or university during the academic year and you plan to attend CLC as a visiting student, you may enroll in select courses with deferred prerequisites. You may register for any of our visiting student prerequisite deferred courses starting approximately two hours after you receive your CLC ID number.

View the summer 2022 student prerequisite deferred course list (PDF)

View the fall 2022 student prerequisite deferred course list (PDF)

View the spring 2022 student prerequisite deferred course list (PDF)

To enroll in any course not part of the student prerequisite deferred courses, you must follow CLC’s standard process for meeting basic proficiencies, course prerequisites and corerquisites.

  • Basic Proficiencies
    Before you will be able to register for most college credit classes, you need to show that you are college reading and writing ready and basic algebra ready.
  • Course Prerequisites and Corequisites
    Course prerequisites and corequisites are required when specific knowledge or skills are needed to enroll in a course.

Questions? Contact Registration Services at (847) 543-2061.

Step 4 - Courses

Choose Your Courses

Search the course schedule. Though CLC courses transfer easily, be sure to check out your planned schedule with your home college or university to ensure that the courses you have selected meet your institution’s requirements.

Information about transferring credits between Illinois colleges and universities is available at iTransfer.

Step 5 - Register

Register for Classes

Log in to the myCLC student portal. Select the “Student Center” option to be taken to the student registration system. For more information, see How to Register.

If you need login help, contact the Help Desk which is available 24 hours.

Step 6 - Pay

Pay Tuition and Fees

CLC enforces tuition payment deadlines, so it is important to make payment arrangements by your tuition due date or your registration will be cancelled. You must pay in full or set up an installment payment plan. If you are a financial aid student, you must set up a “deferred” payment plan, which only goes into effect if your aid does not cover your full tuition and fee obligation. 

For more information about tuition payment, visit the Welcome and One Stop Center or contact Student Accounting. For information about financial aid, contact the Financial Aid office.

Visiting Student Financial Aid

Students attending a four-year college who are attending CLC for a few courses may be able to use their financial aid at CLC through consortium agreements. Contact the CLC's Financial Aid Office for information.