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Your College and Career Navigator (CCN) is your personal "go to person" to guide and support you in becoming a CLC Lancer.  CCNs assist you with learning about CLC, career exploration, selecting a field of interest and program of study, first semester course selection, academic and financial planning, and successful transition into CLC.

Check out the list below to find your CCN based on your high school or academic experience. Then, contact your CCN to talk about your future at CLC!

CCNs are ready to help:

  • Current high school students
  • Recent high school graduates
  • Transfer students
  • Adult learners 24 and older
  • GED graduates
  • Homeschool students
  • International students
  • Student currently attending Tech campus

CCNs for Current High School Students

Felix Castillo

Students currently attending or recent graduates of:

  • Mundelein
Photo of Felix Castillo

As first-generation college student it was extremely difficult for me to navigate through my higher education – I made every FGCS mistake from opening unnecessary credits cards, to settling in taking out loans, and not looking for scholarship to fund my education. To find my support system on campus I had to push myself out of my comfort zone and ask for help. I want to use my experiences to advise students to make wiser decisions about their higher education, while also considering their future goals. I believe it is important for me to meet my students where they are at in their college transition process. Not every student is going to need the same type of support. Therefore, I am a strong believer in building authentic relationships with my students to develop trust and allow me the opportunity to understand where the support is needed for that student. I am extremely excited to serve as a CCN and work with the students at Mundelein High School during their transition to the College of Lake County.

  • B.A. in Sociology, Northern Illinois University

Carlos Catalán

Students currently attending or recent graduates of:

  • Deerfield
  • Highland Park
  • Lake Forest
  • Stevenson
Photo of Carlos Catalan

As a proud first-generation college graduate, I can personally attest that the College of Lake County has opened so many doors for my academic and professional career. Regardless of the hurdles that came my way, everyone at CLC made themselves available so that I could access the necessary resources to ensure my success. Because of this support, it made my transition to a four-year institution so much easier. Roles like the College and Career Navigator are an integral part of the student experience, and I am beyond excited to give back to the institution that has provided me with so much!

  • B.A., University of Illinois at Chicago
  • A.A., College of Lake County

Erika Davis

Students currently attending or recent graduates of:

  • Waukegan High School
  • Cristo Rey College Prep
Photo of Erika Davis

I am originally from Chicago, IL. I graduate in the fall of 2016 from Northern Illinois University, where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. As a low income, first generation student, graduating from college was not easy. But it is because of my experience that I feel deeply connected to college access and success.

Students are my passion. Leading with empathy, I believe it important to get to know who a student is and what is important to them. I want the students I work with to see me as trusted adult that will treat them with respect and provide unfiltered support and guidance. My educational journey and prior work experience has lead me to CLC, where I can help students through the admissions process, discover their dreams and turn them into reality.

  • B.A. in Communications, Northern Illinois University

Melicia Eder

Students currently attending or recent graduates of:

  • New Tech
  • Zion-Benton
Photo of Melicia Eder

As a CLC enrollment representative, I find fulfillment in paying it forward. I try to help students find a path that fits them. No matter where they are in terms of age or academic ability, there’s a place for them at CLC. If a student is concerned about finances, I let them know that financial aid and scholarships are available. At CLC, you can save money while having the same quality of education as the first two years of four-year college or university.

  • B.A. in social science, Northern Illinois University
  • A. A., McHenry County College

Norma Guzman

Students currently attending or recent graduates of:

  • Warren
Photo of Norma Guzman

As a graduate of Waukegan High School and College of Lake County, I speak with experience when I say that CLC has many qualities beyond the affordable tuition and small class sizes. When I talk to high school students, many are impressed to learn of our guaranteed transfer admission agreements with so many four-year schools. Students also are surprised to hear we have more than 40 student clubs and the opportunity to study abroad. I also emphasize campus diversity. Unlike many four-year colleges, CLC has a wide variety of socioeconomic groups, ethnicity, ages and military veterans. You don’t just learn from instructors at CLC, you learn from other students.

  • B.A. in business management, UW-Parkside
  • A.A. in business, College of Lake County

Jennifer Landmann

Students currently attending or recent graduates of:

  • Home School Students
  • Non-Lake County High School Students
Jenny Landmann

I was raised in Lake County and graduated from Warren Township High School. As a College and Career Navigator, I want to encourage my students and to help them succeed in their educational and professional journeys. I hope to work with them and help them to discover their passions as well as their paths. I want to empower them and show them all the opportunities CLC has to offer.

B.A. in International Studies, University of Wisconsin, Parkside

Erin Martin

Students currently attending or recent graduates of:

  • Antioch
  • Carmel
  • Libertyville
  • Vernon Hills
  • Lakes Community High School

As a College and Career Navigator, I believe in encouraging students to take ownership of their educational and professional journey. I hope to collaborate with students to discover their passion and help define how they will use their education to not only improve their own lives but also their communities. With my studies in adult and higher education, I believe and am committed to supporting and empowering students in every step of their journey at CLC. I believe that my mentor from my undergrad and graduate experiences played a key role in my journey of finding my “why”. I hope to be that mentor to students to help them find their “why” and help define what success means to them.

  • B.A. in music, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • M.S. Ed. in Adult and Higher Education, Northern Illinois University

Araceli Mena

Students currently attending or recent graduates of:

  • North Chicago
Photo of Araceli Mena

I was raised in Lake County and graduated from Round Lake High School. As a first-generation college student, I understand some of the challenges that students in our community encounter when pursuing a higher education. Navigating the college process from the initial step of applying to selecting courses can be overwhelming and confusing. However, this can be easily prevented if students have the right support system to guide them along their journey. As a College and Career Navigator (CCN), my goal is to empower students and help them see that higher education is a realistic and attainable option. CLC offers a quality education and is equipped with the necessary tools to ensure student success. I am thrilled to be part of the CCN team and to witness my students achieve their goals and dreams.

B.A., Lawrence University

Carolina Rodriguez

Students currently attending or recent graduates of:

  • Wauconda
Photo of Carolina Rodriguez

I am an advocate for student success, and I consider myself as a ‘dream maker’ because making dreams begins with planning. I team up with students to plan a successful first semester classes along with all the necessary resources for success. I’m committed to supporting and guiding students and parents every step of the way from application to their first day at CLC. And I believe every student who comes to CLC to learn will make an impact in our Lake County economy.

B.A., Argosy University

Melanie Sandoval

Students currently attending or recent graduates of:

  • Round Lake High School
Photo of Melanie Sandoval

My academic journey and previous admissions professional experience have led me to CLC, where I am happy to serve as a College and Career Navigator with the students at Round Lake High School. Because of my personal experience maneuvering higher education, I learned the importance of providing access and resources for students as early as possible to prepare them for their college journey. My goal is to work with students as they navigate through the college admissions, application process and to provide unconditional support with transparent access to the many resources available on campus. Resources ranging from academic support, financial aid and so much more. I encourage students to reach out to me, I am always excited to connect and answer questions!

  • M.S. Ed in Adult and Higher Education,
    Northern Illinois University
  • B.A., Corporate Communications,
    Northern Illinois University
  • B.A., Spanish with an emphasis on Business Translation,
    Northern Illinois University

Ciara White

Students currently attending or recent graduates of:

  • Grayslake North
  • Grayslake Central
  • Lake Zurich
  • Grant
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Scholar Athletes
Photo of Jessica Chung

I was raised in Lake County and graduated from Zion Benton Township High School. Growing up as a first-generation college student helped me understand how important understanding the college process is for students. I attended Northern Illinois University where I earned my bachelor's degree in communications. After college, I worked for a state agency where I helped students with financial aid and the college process. Since I have been through this process myself, I want to help others pursue the higher education dreams they desire. As a College and Career Navigator (CCN), my mission is to assist students with obtaining their higher education goals here at CLC.

  • B.A. in Communications, Northern Illinois University

CCNs for Adult Learners

Ish Campos

Last name A-F:

  • Students who have graduated from High School 2 or more years ago
  • Transfer students
  • Adult learners 24 and older
Bryn Griffin

A College and Career Navigator (CCN) is all about getting to know students and building relationships. This gives me the opportunity to directly impact student success. I am excited to work hands-on with students and steer them along the right path; playing an integral role in fostering student persistence and success through direct guidance and coordination of campus and community-based services. Through my role as CCN, seeing students who may have fallen short of their goal pick up and try again and helping students stay determined and focused is equally rewarding!

  • A.A. College of Lake County
  • B.A. Western Illinois University
  • M.A. Catholic Theological Union

Bryn Griffin

Last name G-M:

  • Students who have graduated from High School 2 or more years ago
  • Transfer students
  • Adult learners 24 and older
Bryn Griffin

I love to learn and am always looking to improve myself. I believe that education is essential in being able to better your life and you are never too old to learn. I have spent almost my entire working life helping people in some form or fashion and teaching in various capacities. Being able to help students of all ages from all walks of life with their educational and career goals is my way of giving back to my community, and I couldn’t be more grateful and happy to be able to do so.

B.A., Purdue University West Lafayette

Alyiah White

Last name N-T:

  • Students who have graduated from High School 2 or more years ago
  • Transfer students
  • Adult learners 24 and older
Photo of Alyiah White

I attended Northern Illinois University where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2018. After graduation I began working for the state agency that focuses on financial aid and college access. I currently am working on my MS Ed. In Higher Education and Student Affairs at NIU. My work and studies in higher education ignited my passion for helping students with the transition from life after high school to post-secondary education. I am excited to help students start their journey to success at CLC. I believe that the holistic development of the student is imperative to students' success and CLC’s programs and resources will do more than prepare them for their bright futures. As a college and career navigator I hope to assist students with everything they need to get started at CLC from their initial inquiry about our programs all the way to advising. I believe that post-secondary education is attainable for all students even those who have started their college journey later than expected. Everyone’s path may not look the same, but it is my job to help students find theirs.

  • B.A. in Psychology, Northern Illinois University

Angela Johnson

Students Apart of:

  • Students who have graduated from High School 2 or more years ago
  • Adult Education
  • Apprenticeship
  • YouthBuild-Lake County
  • Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) - Waukegan
  • Targeted Marketing Plan (TMP)
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Grant (WIOA)
Bryn Griffin

As a Wisconsin native, currently residing in Illinois, I may not have the same taste in sports teams, but I still strive to be a positive resource for incoming students to the College of Lake County. My greatest takeaway from my time in higher education, both as a student and team member, is that discovering the correct pathway for you can be a confusing and difficult process. During my time as an undergraduate student, I experienced the common dilemma of which route do I take after graduation. Even though I am grateful that my choices led me to CLC, I believe I would have benefited greatly from an initial contact like a College and Career Navigator. Therefore, my goal is to create a positive and productive journey for every student I work with. I hope to create connections with future undergrads to discover their overall goals and guide them to not only enroll but provide insight on their future careers.

  • B.A., Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

For International Students

International Students please contact the Department of Global Engagement:

If your high school is not listed above, please contact Recruitment Services and Onboarding.


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