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What are Super-Charged Saturdays?

Super-charged Saturdays are blended courses created specifically for busy adults. Combining on-campus meetings with online coursework allows for convenience in planning studies around your work and family commitments, not the other way around.

How do you know if Super-charged Saturday classes are right for you?

  • Are you committed to investing time and effort into your coursework?
  • Are you motivated to stay on task and complete work on time?
  • Are you confident using technology?

Super-Charged Saturday Classes Coming in Fall 2022!

The A.A. Super-charged Saturdays eight-week class format may allow you the option of attending CLC full-time while focusing on two classes at a time. You can also choose to attend part-time or enroll in an individual course, giving you the flexibility to choose what works best for your schedule!

In some cases, alternative learning models may be used pending health climate and regulations.


Super-Charged Saturdays

Super-charged Saturdays provide the benefits of both structured class meetings with the flexibility of learning online.

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