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Graphic of forklift, truck, wrench and stethoscope with text Transform Lake County

Transform Lake County
Learn a Career — Tuition-Free

What is Transform Lake County?

Transform Lake County is a program that provides full-tuition scholarships in short-term programs. Additional scholarships are available to cover costs such as transportation, textbooks childcare and more. The goal is to create more equity in the Lake County workforce by offering an education with no cost to the student.

With the leadership of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, this scholarship is funded by the State of Illinois through the Workforce Equity Initiative (WEI) Grant, administered by the Illinois Community College Board.

How Can I Benefit?

Spend less time in the classroom and get into the workforce faster with an in-demand career.

Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or a working adult, you may be eligible to earn a career certificate in less than a year — with tuition and nearly all of your expenses paid.

Scholarship funds will cover:

  • all tuition and fees
  • course materials
  • textbooks
  • industry exam fees

There are also scholarships available to assist with living expenses such as childcare, housing and transportation.

Additional services provided to eligible students include tutoring and job placement assistance.

Earn a certificate in any of these programs:

Who Is Eligible?

More than 50 residents of Lake County, Illinois with a specific emphasis on residents of North Chicago, Round Lake, Waukegan and Zion.

How Do I Apply?

Complete the Transform Lake County application form.

For more information on the grant, please contact:

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