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CLC Scholarships

The College of Lake County Foundation has a variety of scholarships available, some of which are open to students of all citizenship statuses.

Apply for CLC Foundation Scholarships

Private Scholarships

You can also apply for scholarships funded by agencies and organizations that are particularly sensitive to the needs of undocumented students. These private scholarships can be researched online and are often linked from the main webpages of various “undocumented-friendly” institutions. And there are many!

Advice on Scholarship Success

Be Persistent

Navigating through and finding resources to help you pay for college may seem overwhelming or even discouraging. And, researching scholarships does take time. However, always remember that there are many dedicated professionals and organizations willing to guide and encourage you in your search. Be proactive and persistent. Scholarship opportunities are out there for the taking, but it is up to you to do the necessary work to find and obtain them. Don’t give up!

A warning:  Look out for scholarship scams. Legitimate scholarship providers will not ask you to pay for a scholarship application or pay in advance to receive a scholarship award.

Write a Winning Essay

The most important part of any scholarship application is the personal statement or essay. Many scholarship essay prompts and questions refer to similar themes and topics. If you write one strong personal statement, you will be able to use it as a template for other scholarship essays.

Some Other Tips:

  • Use your essay template to apply for as many scholarships as possible.
  • Proofread your essays for correct grammar and punctuation.
  • Have friends and mentors review your writing to make sure you avoid careless mistakes.
  • Use your public library to find helpful books on writing effective scholarship essays and cover letters as well as obtaining letters of recommendation.

Apply Early and Ask for Help!

Many students miss out on scholarship opportunities simply because they applied after the deadline. Don’t make this mistake. Submit your applications on time and include all required material.

Finally, never hesitate to talk to CLC counselors, professors, advisors and staff members or anybody else willing to help you on your journey. We’re here to help you!

For inquiries, please contact:

Gema Mariscal
Financial Aid Coach
Financial Aid

DISCLAIMER: The information and materials presented on this site are general and informational only and do not constitute legal advice. Immigration questions should be directed to a licensed immigration attorney. Campus and legal information provided on this site is subject to change at any time. Updates will be provided when possible, but faculty, staff and students should continue to update and educate themselves concerning the topics covered within.

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