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Baxter Innovation Lab
Promoting hands-on design and innovation for students, teachers and professionals.

Who Can Use

CLC Students, Staff, Faculty

The lab is free and open to use for all CLC students, staff and faculty. CLC users may access the lab during open hours; hours are also posted on the lab door. CLC users have access to free material for class projects. Individual projects outside of class may require users to supply their own material, depending on the size and nature of the project. Usage is restricted to open hours. Users must complete the basic safety training and have a signed Baxter Innovation Lab Usage Agreement and Waiver of Liability form on file in order to use the lab.

Field Trips/Visits

Schools, companies and other groups may arrange visits to the lab by coordinating with the Engineering Faculty Jan Edwards or Rob Twardock. Visits may be customized based on the interests of the visiting group. If outside normal hours, a fee may be charged to cover lab staff time.

Explore Classes

CLC Explore classes provide academic enrichment cleverly disguised as fun for Grades 1-12. Innovative classes that will inspire your kids and are taught by experienced, personable instructors. Several camps are taught in the Baxter Innovation Lab, including past courses such as “Design, Fabricate and Program with STEAM-Powered Makerspace (Grades 4-6)” and “Does Form Follow Function? Let's Find Out with 3D Engineering Design (Grades 6-9).” Learn more about the Explore program.


The lab is available for teams, companies and other organizations to hold private meetings. Charges will be based on the staffing needs for each particular group, starting at $20/hour. Access and usage of the equipment for each group will be based on an evaluation of the group’s skills and training prior to the first meeting. Users must fill out a Facilities Usage Application for use of the space, including proof of liability insurance. Visit the Central Scheduling department web page for reservation procedures.