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Fitness and Wellness

Physical Education (P.E.) Center

Regular exercise helps you relieve stress, lose weight, sleep better and just plain feel good! You can use a wide range of exercise options available in our fitness center, gym and other facilities. The Physical Education Center (Bldg. 7, Room 703) is located on the Grayslake Campus.

Learn more about the Physical Education Center.

Center for Health and Wellness

Explore the world of wellness. The center, located at the Southlake Campus, offers everything you need to get your school, work and life in balance.

The following services are available by appointment Monday-Friday:

  • Personal Trainer ($50 per 50-minute session)
  • Wellness Coach ($50 per 50-minute session)
  • Massage Therapist

Call for an Appointment Today: (847) 543-WELL (9355)