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Our mission is to promote cultural awareness and unite students through appreciating similarities and understanding and valuing individual differences. We encourage students to develop a growth mindset and seek excellence.

Welcome to the International Club

The International Club is a diverse group that welcomes all students regardless of their ethnic and cultural background, their language and religion, and their economic situation. International Club appreciates global perspectives and promotes bonds between a variety of students through sharing experiences of different cultures, beliefs, and interests to educate members in an open environment and appreciate diversity and inclusion. The Club moves forward purposefully to connect students from diverse groups, make them aware of various nations and cultures, their similarities and differences, appreciating similarities and understanding differences.

The International Club promotes unity between both individuals and organizations therefore, actively participates in many online activities by both hosting the Club events and helping/participating in events hosted by other organizations. At the weekly meetings, we discuss various topics from all over the world, watch short movies and discuss them, and play games. In the meetings, the members educate each other compassionately to create a strong community. The Club Focus is presentations with emphasis on Globalism. Presentations can be from wide personal experiences such as introducing food and top attractions, marriage, holidays celebrated, art, history or a worldwide topic. Member Focus is a presentation where the Club learns more about several selected members. Students take turns and volunteer to share their stories. In this way, the audiences learn from members and may use their experience in their personal lives.

When we come back to campus, the club will plan two off-campus trips each semester. The Club will cover all trips including meals and travel. Usually, one trip is a multicultural trip where the Club will visit multiple cultural sites. In the past, it has included Catholic Church, Mosque, Sikh temple, Baha’i temple, Chinese New Year parade.  The second trip usually will be to a museum.  In the past, we have visited Field, Shed, MSI and Chicago Art Museum.  

Upcoming Meetings and Events

The club meets every Wednesdays from 2-4:00 p.m. in Room C106