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Lancer Summer Start

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Lancer Summer Start

Get a great start at CLC for free!

CLC’s Lancer Summer Start program gives students a head start to their CLC education – for free! New students needing to complete a pre-college math, English or English Language Instruction (ELI) course that leads to college-level classes are eligible to participate in Lancer Summer Start. The program pays your tuition, fees, and required textbooks for one pre-college math, English or ELI course and CLC’s college success seminar, CLC 120. You pick the schedule that’s best for you. Any student beginning their education at CLC in summer 2021 and continuing enrollment for fall 2021 is eligible to participate!


Lancer Summer Start Advantage

Make faster progress toward your college goals this summer! By participating in Lancer Summer Start, you will:

  • Receive two free classes plus textbooks!
  • Get technology (laptop, hotspot, calculator) loaned from the library to use at home
  • Attend one of CLC’s New Student Convocation programs in May or June
  • Connect with your assigned Academic Success Advisor (ASA) at least two times during the summer
  • Complete the College Student Inventory success survey to learn more about your individual strengths and areas where CLC can support your learning
  • Meet with a CLC tutor for academic support
  • Get a great start into fall semester (and graduation)!

How to enroll

Apply for Lancer Summer Start:

Eligible Courses


Lancer Summer Start program participants will take CLC 120 (College Success Seminar) for 2 credit hours and one of the following classes:


  • ENG 108 (Strategic Reading and Writing I: 6 credit hours)
  • ENG 100/121 (English Composition Support & English Composition I: 5 total credit hours) Must place in both courses

English Language Instruction

  • ELI 109 (Academic Reading and Writing for English Language Learners II: 3 credit hours)


  • MTH 101 (Elementary Concepts of Math: 4 credit hours)
  • MTH 102 (Basic Algebra: 4 credit hours)
  • MTH 105 (Preparatory Mathematics for General Education: 5 credit hours
  • MTH 108 (Intermediate Algebra: 5 credit hours)
  • MTH 114 (Applied Mathematics I: 3 credit hours)

The program will pay for a maximum of 8 credit hours (tuition and fees) and required textbooks for the two classes. Additional courses are not included.

North Chicago CHS (NCCHS) Students

With Lancer Summer Start, NCCHS graduates can complete the College Success Seminar (CLC 120) and ANY math or English class at no cost. That means you’ll take a big step toward graduation and get ahead of students who wait until fall. NCCHS get all the same benefits of Lancer Summer Start, but get more choices in course selection!

Apply for Lancer Summer Start:

  • Complete the CLC Student Admission Form and submit your transcripts and test scores.
  • Meet with your College and Career Navigator (CCN), Araceli Mena, to plan and register for your summer and fall classes. Select course formats, days and times that best fit your needs. Contact Araceli at (847) 543-2793 or
  • Complete the brief Lancer Summer Start application form.
  • Wait to hear from a CLC staff member (check your CLC student email), and get ready to have a great summer at CLC!

Lancer Summer Start Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


For more information, please contact:
Academic Success Department
(847) 543-2348


Learn more about Lancer Summer Start

The Lancer Summer Start program (formerly known as the Jump Start program) allows recent high school graduates to take a free developmental math or English class over the summer. It also provides them with support and transition services to help them succeed when they continue with classes in the Fall.

Henna Kittridge, Instructor, notes that the value in the program is that the many support elements that CLC offers are brought to the students in their classroom. Introduction to these support services helps students to know where to get help as they continue their studies.

Nate Sousa, mentor, shares that the program offers a great introduction to the college and a head-start by introducing students to a network of people who will support them.

Sara Nunez, former student and mentor, shares how the program helped her by exposing her to the many different resources the college offers to provide support to students. In addition to the class, the program offers workshops to learn about these support services.

Miguel and Victor Salgado, CLC students, share how the program was motivating and beneficial to them.

The program helps new students who are nervous and don’t know what to do or where to go be confident, excited and happy to be here.