Bike Resource Station

Bike repair on campus

So, there you are, riding your bike to class, feeling great. No parking woes, no eco-guilt, just burning calories. Then a tire goes flat, or a pedal loosens. Where’s roadside assistance when you need it?

For CLC cyclists, it’s right outside the Athletic and Fitness Center (Building F): Our Bike Resource Station. Use the bars to hang your bike while you work on it with the attached tools or bike pump.

Tuning up for the trail

The bike repair station near the Fitness Center is also convenient if you’re cycling the Living Lab Trail or crossing campus to link with the Rollins Savanna Trail or the Washington Street Metra Station.

To use this station, hang the bike to allow the pedals and wheels to spin freely. You can use the attached tools to perform basic repairs and maintenance, such as changing a flat tire or adjusting brakes and derailleurs.

Bike Resource Station benefits

At CLC: Bike repair kit not needed

Use the station for an unexpected repair, routine maintenance or before a longer ride. You can ride with confidence, without carrying an extensive bike repair kit. (You might want to carry a patch kit, though.) Teach your friends how to use the station, too—the more riders, the better.

Consider using the Grayslake Bike Share program for commuting, a quick break between classes, or a longer trail ride. If cycling leaves you a little sweaty, you can use your student I.D. to shower in the Fitness Center.

In Lake County: Explore on two-wheels

Stay green and explore all that Lake County has to offer. The Lake County Forest Preserves, Lake County Division of Transportation and local villages sponsor trails so you can get around on your bike. Borrow a bike from the Grayslake Bike Share program and get pedaling.

Around the world: Bicycles everywhere

You can find bike repair stations on every continent—except maybe Antarctica. In many cities, cycling is the preferred transport mode, so repair spots are critical. Many large cities also have bike share programs and bike lanes.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, almost half of commuters use bikes, and many families use cargo bikes for daily errands. The city’s safe and attractive bike lanes are important, but Danes also tend to associate the bicycle with freedom and health, rewarding the use of bikes over cars.