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Friendship Families Volunteer Program

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Friendship Families Volunteer Program
Welcome an International Student!

A friendship family is a local community member/family who is interested in showing hospitality and welcome to international students and is open to learning about other cultures. Friendship families will invite international students into the daily rhythms of their lives (i.e. children’s sporting events, family outings, game nights, community events, holiday meals, etc.). Friendship families and their student(s) can decide how frequently to meet, however, the expectation is to meet at least 1-2 times a month during the academic term. Friendship families are matched with 1-3 international students. Students will not live with the friendship family.

Essential tasks of a Friendship Family:

  • Pick up/drop off students to/from home/event locations
  • Show students culturally relevant places, such as museums, local festivals, etc.
  • Invite students to attend/participate in family activities such as sporting events, concerts, community events, hiking, or other excursions (day trips)
  • Provide meals to student while in your home (ex: Thanksgiving Dinner, holiday meals, Friday night pizza, etc.)
  • Assist students with settling-in tasks: trips to the bank, setting up a cell phone, transportation to local grocery stores, ethnic markets, etc.
  • Support/attend Department of Global Engagement events with students (ex: Independence Grove Picnic, International Education Week)

To learn more and to apply, please visit:

A conversation with Lindsey Hobson, Friendship Family Coordinator, will be required.

If you have any questions, you may contact her at

For more information, please contact:

  • Lindsey Hobson
  • International Student Navigator/Friendship Family Coordinator
  • Department of Global Engagement
  • Room B172, Graylake Campus
  • (847) 543-2344