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International Student Testimonials

What International Students Say About Us

Photo of Javier Lara CartagenaJavier Lara Cartagena of Honduras
Major: Engineering

When I started applying to colleges during my senior year of high school, I cherished a dream of studying abroad despite the circumstance that neither my family nor I had enough funds to support my ambitions. However, my math teachers, a married couple from the United States, saw my interest and offered to help. Read more about Javier.

Hosannah Dalogdog of the Phillipines
Major: Pre-Pharmacy

I am a student ambassador in CLC’s New Student Orientation office. I like the fact that I get to represent CLC and interact with incoming students. Read more about Hosannah.

Jung Yun Hwang of South Korea
Major: Human Services

When I came to the state to study from South Korea, I never thought that Illinois would be my second home. I have visited the West, East, and South and never felt it was right place until I finally settled here. Read more about Jung.

Sofia Karionova of Russia
Major: Applied Mathematics

I loved all my CLC math classes, but taking Calculus I with Byron Hunter was a turning point for me. Before I came to the U.S., I wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to pursue. In that class, I found that math is not merely abstract, and I began considering it as a vehicle to approach practical situations, such as calculating the volume of complex shapes using integration. I realized that applied math is what I am passionate about. Read more about Sofia.

Photo of Julia LachkovaJulia Lachkova of Ukraine
Major: Business Administration and Management

I was 14 years old when I first visited America. I fell in love with this country, and since then I definitely knew where I wanted to study and work. College showed me the bright colorful side of student life; it is totally different from what I used to do in my home country. Read more about Julia.

Dong Lee of Korea
Major: Culinary and Hospitality Management

If I can get an associate degree, it will change my whole life definitely and give various experiences that will help my life goal. CLC’s education program and curriculum is better than other community colleges. Read more about Dong.

Photo of Cindy OsorioCindy Osorio of Honduras
Major: Early Childhood Education and TESOL

I completed two years in college in my home country of Honduras, but I had to quit because I couldn’t afford school. I was 18 years old and living by myself, working during the day as a translator for $25 a month and taking college classes and studying at night. I was hungry and practically living in the streets. English was my only gift. I met an American couple I translated for, and they decided to help me go to school. They knew that CLC was a welcoming environment for international students, and they sponsored me and took me into their home. Read more about Cindy.

Photo of Ekaterina PerezhoginaEkatrina Perezhogina of Russia
Major: Chemistry

College of Lake County has definitely exceeded my expectations. The classes are engaging, yet challenging. The professors are approachable, yet they make you work to your full potential. Getting my associate degree in chemistry at CLC is the best decision I have ever made.

Abdul Vaajid Rehmani of India
Major: Pharmacy

I felt I was a part of family and not just a random student. It has a great teacher to student ratio, professors are even better that the ones in my doctorate program and the student activities division is so involved in community service by engaging student to explore their talents. As an international student, away from my family, CLC was my home away from home. Read more about Abdul.

Angelo Schulz of Germany
Major: Business Administration

I choose to pursue my education at CLC because it was cheaper than many other colleges and I still am able to transfer to a four-year institution. From all the community colleges that I was applying to, the College of Lake County was the most responsive. Read more about Angelo.