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Fall 2020
A world-class education, close to home.

College of Lake County will be open in the Fall with various flexible course formats that will work for all students. Plans for college may look different for everyone. Whether you are looking for online classes, prefer in-person format, or are unsure which choice will be right for you, CLC has a flexible solution. 

Graphic of laptop with text Online Live

Online Live Classes

Many classes that were previously offered in person will be moved to Online Live delivery. Courses are labeled as “Online Live via Zoom.”

  • Your online class will be at a scheduled time via a secured Zoom classroom
  • You and your classmates connect with the instructor at the same time in the virtual classroom space.
  • You will be online at specific times to participate in class lectures, discussions and presentations.
  • These classes are like regular in-person classes with faculty and class interaction, but online.

Graphic of laptop with text Online Anytime

Online Anytime Classes

Courses will continue to be offered in the Online Anytime format. Some in-person courses will transition to this format. Courses are labeled as Online Anytime.

  • You complete coursework online and connect to your classmates and instructor without having to login during specific days or times.
  • You work on your own time to meet deadlines and maintain course participation through online discussions and activities.

CLC Flex Path Changing Schedules

Flex Path Classes

Flex Path offers the most popular general education courses in a blended format, combining online learning with in-person classes one day per week. Flex Path courses are a pathway to general education core credentials (GECC).

  • Offered in evening and weekend options, in both 8-week and 16-week term lengths.
  • Guaranteed to transfer at 24 Illinois colleges, including state universities.
  • Smart scheduling ensures there’s always a course ready when you are at the time when you expect it.

Graphic of laptop computer and teacher in class lecture with the word Blended

Blended Classes

Blended courses will be offered that combine online learning with in-person classes one day per week.

  • Section numbers that begin with -600 are blended courses. They will appear with two lines – one denoting in-person meeting time and the other denoting that additional work occurs online.

 Graphic of 2 people social distancing with text In-Person General Education Classes

In-Person General Education Classes

A limited number of general education courses will be offered in-person over 8-week session

  • For students seeking an in-person learning experience for general education courses, a limited number of options will be available.
  • All courses will follow appropriate social distancing measures.
  • Courses taken in person will be noted by listing Grayslake, Lakeshore, or Southlake in the “location” field.

Graphic of human head with face mask

Classes with In-Person Labs

Some classes that require an in-person format, such as certain labs, will move from a 16 to 8-week format.

  • Currently enrolled students have been notified of any applicable changes.

Classes begin August 24

Important Dates

Note: For the safety of all, there are requirements to follow if you return to campus in-person.

If you have questions or need help deciding which option is right for you:

New students: call the Admissions and Recruitment Office at (847) 543-2090 or email

Current and former CLC students:

  • If you know the classes you need to take and want to switch schedules (class formats, days/times), use Schedule Builder to create a schedule that works best for you. Check out How to Enroll in Classes using Schedule Builder (PDF).
  • If you need to speak with an advisor or student development counselor about classes to take or your program of study, call (847) 543-2060.
  • If you have general questions about class schedules, contact

Fall Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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