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Fall Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about
Fall 2020

  • I’m already enrolled – how will I know what format my course is?

  • What if I now have a conflict in my schedule?

  • Will I be charged course fees for my online class?

  • What are the different class options for Fall 2020?

  • How can I tell which format the course is when searching for classes?

  • How much is tuition for fall classes?

  • What type of technology am I expected to use (or learn)?

  • Are there scholarships or financial aid for Fall classes? How do I apply?

  • How can I borrow a computer, internet hotspot, calculator, textbook, or other course materials?

  • Will withdrawal, or refund policies change?

  • Will the Fall 2020 grading system be the same as Summer and Spring 2020?