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Group of students at CLC graduation ceremony.


Kristen Davis
Annual Giving and Alumni Relations Manager

Meet the Inaugural Class of CLC Alumni Recognition Award Honorees

Dean Dalton

"I earned my Associate's of Science at CLC and that springboarded me onto my bachelor's degree and then a master's degree. I climbed the ladder through the college and national football leagues. I invite everyone to support the springboard that CLC can be for all students."

Dean Dalton, International Director, NFL alumni and CLC alumnus

Melvin D. Flores

"Coming from a very poor, developing country where education is only a choice for those who can afford it, which is few, I thought I would never pursue higher education. As the first college graduate in my family, navigating the college process was challenging. CLC was my saving grace and if not for CLC, neither my brothers nor myself would have the bright futures ahead of us. Thank you CLC!"

Melvin D. Flores, AVP Capital Markets, American Portfolio Mortgage and CLC alumnus

Eleanor Murkey

"Your past is not your potential. For years I've shared my personal story of resiliency, triumph and success that led me from a young girl classified as EMH (educably mental handicapped) to eventually Dean of a multi-million Dollar college campus. I believe that each person is born divinely provided with limitless potential."

Eleanor Murkey, Retired Dean of CLC's Lakeshore Campus and CLC alumna

Barb Richardson

"After responding to a tiny newspaper advertisement, I became one of the seven employees involved in the founding of the College of Lake County. We literally started the College. It was a wonderful experience."

Barb Richardson, Retired Lake County Coroner, Founding Employee of CLC and CLC alumna

Ryan Stivers

"I went from high school dropout to ivy-league graduate and successful small business owner within 7 years of stepping foot on CLC's campus."

Ryan Stivers, ED TPA Lead, Johns Hopkins University School of Education and CLC alumnus

Justin Walker

"CLC will always be one of the major turning points in my life. The current pandemic we are facing has changed the way we work, live and educate. People need access to resources, tools and great leaders to help them overcome these newfound obstacles. CLC has always been that beacon and will continue to be for years to come. As we wait for the dust to settle, it's more important than ever for alumni, staff, and educators to show our support for an institution that helps so many. Thank you, CLC, for helping shape who I am today. I look forward to seeing the continued impact you will make on those that need it the most."

Justin Walker, CLC alumnus and U.S. Navy Special Operations Veteran