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Career Advisory Committees: Helping CLC Prepare a Great Local Workforce

A One-Stop Resource for Employers

How are local employers getting the highly skilled local workforce they need to be successful? For many, the answer is the College of Lake County.

Over the last decade, 80 percent of Lake County employers have hired someone who has increased their skills by studying at the College of Lake County.

And in the last five years alone, about 29,000 students have honed their competitive edge by enrolling in one of the college’s more than 100 career preparation programs.

Keeping the college’s career programs up-to-date with current workplace needs is a big job, and it’s one the college can’t do alone. It requires the knowledge and advice of the employers who participate in CLC’s Career Advisory Committees.

What do the Advisory Committees Do?

CLC’s career advisory committees help the college ensure that curriculum meets workforce needs by providing feedback in such areas as:

  • Curriculum review
  • Occupational skill standards
  • Learning outcomes of specific courses
  • Industry certifications
  • New technologies, methods and practices
  • Professional development opportunities for faculty Internships and other opportunities for students

Who Serves on the Committees?

Members of the career advisory committees include representatives of small business, large corporations, labor unions, faculty, secondary education instructors, recent graduates of the programs and even high-performing current students.

What’s the Time Commitment?

Participation involves attending a minimum of two meetings per year. Generally, committees have their initial meetings during the Fall Semester; the number of meetings held over the academic year varies with the committee.

Career Advisory Committee Contacts

For more information about CLC’s career advisory committees, or to volunteer to serve on a CLC career advisory committee, email

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About CLC Career Programs

Career programs are for students interested in a career immediately after graduating from CLC.

Students enroll in a two-year program leading to an Associate in Applied Science degree (A.A.S.) or a shorter sequence that leads to a certificate. CLC groups programs in families or clusters of related career fields. Each career cluster offers many choices in programs.


“The paralegal program enrollment went from 0 to 400 in less than five years, and we could not have done it without our dedicated advisory committee!”
— Gayle Miller, J.D., 
    paralegal studies department chair


“I am very thankful for having a strong advisory committee. The committee members have changed during the years. But one thing remains the same: they have always provided their expertise, support and guidance to our program.”
— Dr. Tina Ye, 
    CAD drafting instructor/advisor to SkillsUSA


“Our advisory committee has been instrumental in making improvements to our program, such as hiring a lab assistant, upgrading our facilities, equipment recommendations, and curriculum changes.”
— Lance David, Ed.D., 
   automotive department chair