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Things to Do Each Term

To get off to a good start each term, use these links:

Other Important Information


Resources to Be a Successful Student

Student success strategies can be learned! Most successful students share a common trait: they take responsibility for their success and seek help when they don’t understand something. From tutoring to time management tips, CLC offers many services that will help you excel.


How to Get Involved on Campus

CLC offers many ways to get involved on campus. By becoming involved, you’ll have fun, and you’ll also probably become a better student—research shows that students who are involved on campus often are happier and have better GPAs.

Take a Break

Where to Get Food, Relax or Study

Whether you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends, study or get something to eat, there’s a spot for you at CLC. Wi-Fi is available throughout all three of our campuses.

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