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Connecting You to College of Lake County Experts

CLC Connects is a podcast connecting College of Lake County and you. Every other Tuesday we’ll be chatting with an expert from the college about anything of local interest. Whether you love gardening and seasonal recipes or you’re into local history and manufacturing, we’ll have something for you.

CLC is Lake County’s community resource. You have questions? We have an expert for that.

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Season 2, Episode 7: What's Up with this Wild Weather? w/ Professor of Meteorology Eric Priest

April 25, 2023: Today on the podcast host Jessey Prugh talks with CLC's professor of meteorology Eric Priest about the wildly unpredictable weather patterns that come with springtime. From thunderstorms to tornadoes, hail to heat waves, spring can bring some of the craziest weather around. We also talk about how to stay safe when severe weather hits home and how to understand your forecast or weather app better.

Season 2, Episode 6: Exploring Sustainability with David Husemoller

April 11, 2023: This week on CLC Connects, we’re taking on the topic of sustainability with my guest David Husemoller, CLC’s Sustainability Manager. Today where climate change, pollution, and resource depletion are significant challenges, sustainability has become an increasingly important topic affecting us all. In this episode, we will explore what sustainability means, why it's important, and what we can do to promote sustainable practices in our daily lives. David will also preview the upcoming Green Living Fair happening at the University Center on April 15.

Season 2, Episode 5: Exploring the World of Robots and DIY Innovation at Maker Faire with Rob Twardock

March 28, 2023: DIY (Do-It-Yourself) culture is a phenomenon that has gained massive popularity in recent times. It is all about taking things into your own hands and making something unique and special from scratch. One of the most significant events in the DIY world is the Maker Faire, which brings together DIY enthusiasts to showcase their creations. In this episode, Jessey and Rob Twardock discuss the connection between DIY culture, Maker Faire, and robotics, and how they are impacting the world. Interest piqued? Be sure to visit Lake County's very own Maker Faire at CLC on April 15. 

Season 2, Episode 4: The Importance of Immunizations: Protecting Yourself from Preventable Diseases with Dr. Derek Leiter

March 14, 2023: Vaccines have played a critical role in public health throughout history, from ancient civilizations' use of variolation to modern vaccination. The English physician, Edward Jenner, discovered modern vaccination in the late 18th century by injecting cowpox into a young boy, which led to immunity against smallpox. Vaccines were later developed against other diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and tuberculosis, as well as viral diseases chicken pox and shingles. 
The new shingles vaccine, called Shingrix was approved around 2017 and is recommended for individuals over 50 years old. The vaccine boosts the immune response to the virus, reducing the risk and severity of shingles symptoms.


Season 2, Episode 3: International Travel with Dr. Jacob Cushing

February 28, 2023: Spring break is right around the corner, a nice time away from classes that is often reserved for travel. While some of us have trips lined up, some of us are staying home. It’s important to know that whatever you do this year, you can have rewarding international experiences that have the potential to change your life. In this episode have a few ideas for how you can gain new global perspectives no matter what you choose to do this year. 

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Season 2, Episode 2: Recognizing Black History Month with Trustee Torrie Newsome

February 14, 2023: On episode two Jessey chat's with CLC Trustee Torrie Newsome about the importance of recognizing Black History Month everyday by noticing and celebrating every moment.

Two Black men celebrating with balloons
Mark and Jerry, Torrie's brother in laws celebrating a birthday in North Chicago. 

Newly sworn in Waukegan Alderpeople, 9 white men, 1 Black man, 1 Black woman.
Newly elected Waukegan alderpeople. In 2003 Edith "Edie" Newsome became the first Black woman to ever be elected to municipal office in Waukegan in over 150 years. 

To learn more about the Black photographers Torrie mentioned who have documented everyday life check out this link VMFA and Kamoinge photo books

Season 2, Episode 1:  Emily Borland tells us it's okay to ask for help

January 31, 2023: Welcome back! It's season two of CLC Connects and we're so happy to be back on the air. This week Jessey chats with Emily Borland, a licensed social worker and CLC's Community Resource Advisor about asking for help and connecting in with community resources to find help when you need it. 

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

If you're a CLC student looking to connect with Emily, you can email her at

Season 2, Episode 1 Transcription (PDF)


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