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Census Date and Financial Aid Awards

If you are found eligible for financial aid and enroll at CLC, you will receive an award notification which lists each type of financial aid you may receive. The award amount shown in the award notification is based on the number of credit hours you are taking at the time the award is processed. If the award is processed for fall term, the award notification will also include a projected award amount if you attend CLC full-time in the spring.

However, the actual amount of aid you receive will be based on your enrollment as of the financial aid census date. Refer to the class schedule or the Financial Aid Deadlines web page for the current census dates. Note that grants, loans and scholarships have separate census dates and that your specific census date will depend on the date when your aid is "packaged." Aid continues to be awarded throughout the term.

On the "census date," the financial aid office will "freeze" your enrollment and adjust your award to the correct amount based on actual credit hours enrolled. If your award includes a class that has not started, you will not be able to drop that class without contacting a financial aid advisor. Your aid will be adjusted after you are permitted to drop, and you will be required to return a portion of the aid you received.

Read the Financial Aid Awards Terms and Conditions (PDF).