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Transition to College and Workforce Programs
STEP UP to Achieve Your Goal!

What is STEP UP?

CLC offers the Step Up program for adult education students to prepare them for college and a career. It also helps students to have access to college, succeed in college, and find a job in their field of study.

Adult education students in class Take the first step by enrolling in a free Bridge to Careers program. The Bridge programs help you improve your language, math, and computer skills by applying your learning to a career field. Currently, there are the Bridge to Healthcare, Bridge to Manufacturing, and Bridge to Early Childhood Education. A Bridge to Administrative Management Technology and a Bridge to Computer Information Technology are planned for spring 2019.

After Bridge, Step Up to the Integrated Academic Preparation System (ICAPS) program where you belong to a group of students enrolled in a certificate program in the career and technical education fields. We have ICAPS programs in Certified Nurse Assisting, Medical Office Assisting, Phlebotomy Technician, Automotive Technology, and HVAC/Refrigeration Engineering Technology. You can get your certificate in one year or less. Future programs planned are Administrative Management and Technology, Computer Information Technology, and Mechatronics Technology.

The Step Up program provides free tuition and books in the first 6 credits of the ICAPS program. After that, Connect to Your Future’s Transition scholarships or financial aid are available to help complete your program. Don’t worry! The Adult Education Student Success Team will help you get your free tuition and book and apply for scholarships and financial aid! You will have a Student Success Coordinator working with you side-by-side every step of the way to ensure you get enrolled in an ICAPS program, refer you to CLC resources and community resources for your needs, and to coach you to never give up! And when you graduate, you will get assistance in your job search!

Lastly, the Step Up program includes an Adult Education instructor to help you succeed in your ICAPS certificate program. While taking your NUR 110 course for the CNA program, for example, an Adult Education instructor is in class team-teaching with the CNA instructor to help your learning. A support class is also included taught by the Adult Education instructor to help with homework, test preparation, and review of class lessons and materials.

STEP UP Leads You to Jobs with Living Wages

When you complete your ICAPS certificate program, Step Up services include helping you in your job search. We work closely with the Job Center of Lake County and CLC’s Career and Job Placement Center. You will get assistance with creating your resume, getting job leads, applying for jobs, and preparing for your interview. Your ICAPS certificates can lead you to jobs with living wages.


What are you waiting for? STEP UP now!

For more information, contact:
Adult Education and ESL Division

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Adult Education-Supported Career Programs

Learn about Adult Education-supported career programs in Automotive Technology, Computerized Numerical ControlsWelding and Heating and Air Conditioning Technology. Includes interview with Adult Education program coordinator and current students in the programs, plus visuals of students working in the labs. If you are a GED or ESL student, this program is designed to help you get an in-demand, good-paying job.