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FlexPath: Changing schedules

Flex Path

Flex Path delivers the most popular general education classes at times designed to maximize your progress and success.

Whether you’re just looking to take a class or two or plan to complete a transfer degree at CLC or beyond — we’ve got you covered!

All Flex Path courses are:

  • Offered in evening and weekend options, in both 8-week and 16-week term lengths
  • Guaranteed to transfer at 24 Illinois colleges, including all state universities.
  • Part of the Illinois Articulation Initiative General Education Core Curriculum

Find a class schedule that works for your schedule.

Explore Flex Path classes

Looking to finish fast?

Full-time students can complete the GECC credential (37 credits) in about a year, taking two 8-week courses at a time!

If steady is more your style

Students can stay on track to finish the GECC credential (37 credits) in two years taking just one Flex Path course at a time.

Flex Path

Find a class schedule that fits your schedule. Move forward with your educational journey with Flex Path.

Flex Path is Smart Scheduling

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It’s a challenge for students to find classes they need in a time that works in their busy lives. Flex Path utilizes smart scheduling, with each class rotating across different time blocks term by term. With smart scheduling, you can focus on what matters most: moving forward on your educational journey!

For example, if you’re available Monday evenings, you’ll get a different course option in that time frame each 8-week period. So instead of rearranging work, family, or other obligations every semester to make room for when a class happens to be available, Flex Path ensures there’s always a course ready when you are!

Flex Path Advantage

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Deeper, More Connected Learning

Flex Path courses are designed to combine rigorous, highly engaging hands-on learning blended with outstanding online resources and materials. You will experience the sense of community and connection from interacting with your classmates and instructor in-person, and the convenience and flexibility of completing assignments and projects online.

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Quality Courses = Better Results

Each Flex Path course is developed based on the latest student learning and engagement research. On top of participating in weekly class sessions and online activities, students complete independent course readings and collaborative assignments designed to deepen their understanding while applying core concepts to their own lives and experiences.

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Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Flex Path.

For inquiries, please contact Sarah Nyquist (Recruitment Specialist) at (847) 543-2765 or email

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