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Group of international students standing in front of CLC's Global Community Wall

Global Citizenship Milestone:
Cultivating Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship Milestone
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What it is

The Global Citizenship Milestone is a twelve (12) credit-hour program designed for students who are interested in deepening their understanding of a diversity of cultures, societies, and systems within an international, globalized context.

African American and Hispanic students talking to peers in schoolThe program offers an interdisciplinary approach that enables you to explore cultural, racial/ethnic, political, social, and other issues both within and outside of the U.S. in relation to various histories and contexts of globalization, imperialism, industrialization, political, economic, and social movements, and environmental changes across the globe.

Program Benefits 

The Global Citizenship Milestone program provides an exciting opportunity for students to engage more deeply in issues related to diversity and global studies. Upon completion of the program requirements, you will receive a transcript notation of distinction which helps strengthen your credentials for transfer and career programs.

The program also promotes equity as it offers an alternative equivalent requirements through coursework for students who may be unable to participate in CLC Study Abroad programs as well as for ELI students.

Minimum Requirements to Achieve the Milestone

To receive the transcript notation of distinction, students must complete a Global Citizenship Milestone completion form and meet with one of the Program Coordinators.

  • 12 hours of I/M coursework: Completion of 12 semester credit hours of courses (typically 4 courses) designated as I/M (i.e., fulfilling the International/Multicultural requirement) with a grade of C or better. See the comprehensive list of I/M courses. OR
  • 6 hours of I/M coursework and study abroad participation combined: Completion of a maximum of 6 semester credit hours through participation in a CLC study abroad program* and completion of the remainder of credit hours through I/M coursework with a grade of C or better.

What students say about the Global Citizenship Milestone

“My world religion class opened my eyes to the differences of culture and how much there is to learn about becoming a global citizen. I discovered a passion for international knowledge and plan to weave it into my career as an international liaison for a corporate company.”

Madeline Reuland from Lindenhurst, studying accounting and international business

“If you have an open mind and love being engaged with other cultures, College of Lake County provides you all the opportunities to develop as a global citizen.”

Sanggeun (Ben) Lee originally from the Republic of Korea, now lives in Grayslake, studying computer information technology