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Textbook Affordability

Open Educational Resources (OER)

As part of student success initiatives at College of Lake County, it is important to ensure that students have easy access to textbooks on Day 1 of their classes. As part of this initiative, many faculty offer free and/or low-cost textbook alternatives. One method of doing this is for faculty to utilize Open Educational Resources (OER), which are teaching, learning, or research materials that are offered freely and openly for anyone to use. This would include Open Textbooks, which are designed to be free online substitutes for traditional textbooks.

Other options include:

  • Zero-cost (classes that utilize online videos, PowerPoint slides, lecture notes, websites, etc. in place of a textbook)
  • Custom textbooks (textbooks are formatted to include only the portion of the textbook that will be used in the course)
  • Textbook rental (textbooks are rented at a fraction of the selling price and returned at the end of the semester)
  • Library services (online databases, reserve copies of textbooks with limited checkout, eBooks)

Many classes allow students to access textbooks for $25 or less! To find classes with free or low-cost textbook alternatives, including OER materials, look for the yellow star when searching for classes in myStudentCenter.

Programs with OER Materials

Textbook Scholarship

“Giving Back” Textbook Scholarship Fund is available to student to help with the cost of textbooks. This fund is supported by vending commissions.