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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

The College of Lake County provides students with a variety of courses as well as short-term international study tours which contribute to an understanding of the relationships between the cultural, economic and political systems of other nations and our own. The college also participates in foreign study programs that give students an opportunity to reside and study in another country for an extended period.

Semester Study Abroad Opportunities

The College of Lake County is a member of the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs which consists of Illinois community colleges and Illinois State University. The consortium has an affiliation with Christ Church College of Canterbury, Kent, England; Salzburg College in Salzburg, Austria; and Costa Rica. These affiliations permit consortium members to provide their students with a resident foreign study program during fall and spring semesters. The curriculum emphasis is on courses in art, foreign language, history, humanities, literature and music with additional subject areas offered as appropriate. All courses may be used to fulfill graduation requirements or as electives for the transfer degree. The College of Lake County offers other residential international study opportunities, work-study and volunteer experiences through its membership in the Council for International Educational Exchange.

Semester Abroad Programs afford students a unique opportunity to integrate the distinctive resources available in other countries to enhance and broaden their understanding of these courses. In addition to course related travel and activities, students may have the occasion to travel to other countries. Qualifications for admission to most foreign study programs include completion of 15 hours of college credit with a minimum GPA of 2.75 and two letters of reference.

For further information, contact the Center for International Education.


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