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Lake County High School Students: Three ways to start college right now

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment allows you to enroll in CLC's regularly scheduled classes while you're still taking high school classes. If you choose dual enrollment, you will take your normal high school classes and attend one or more CLC classes in addition. (In comparison, dual credit allows you to earn high school and college credit for the same course.)

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Articulated Credit

Articulated Credit refers to college credit that is awarded for high school courses under agreements between CLC and area high schools.

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Dual Credit

Dual Credit courses are CLC courses that are offered either at a local high school or at the Lake County High Schools Technology Campus, located adjacent to CLC's Grayslake campus. When you successfully complete a Dual Credit course, you earn both high school and college-level credits for the same course.

Dual credit courses are offered under agreements between CLC and local high schools, and the high schools involved select the students who participate. In general, though, participants must be currently enrolled in the high school and live in Lake County.

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