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Are Online Classes for You?

Explore Online @ CLC

Learn about the many advantages of online learning.

In addition to convenience and flexibility, online learning offers a number of remarkable benefits. An online learning environment is ideal for students who are self-motivated, comfortable working independently, and can effectively balance competing priorities and time. While online learning has a lot of positive attributes, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and may not be the best fit for every student. It is important to ask yourself if online learning is right for you.

Online versus Blended: What’s the Difference?


Online sections at CLC are denoted by 800-899 section numbers.

Instead of attending class on-campus, in an online class students engage in the coursework with their instructors and peers online. Please note although instruction primarily occurs online there may be on-campus course requirements. Confirm that you are prepared to meet the requirements of the class by contacting the instructor.


Blended sections at CLC are denoted by 600-649 section numbers.

Blended learning (also known as hybrid learning) provides the benefits of both online and traditional learning environments by combining the flexibility of the online mode with the structure of a face-to-face class. Some instruction takes place on-campus during scheduled days/times and some instruction occurs online. You may contact the instructor to learn more information about specific class requirements.

Time Investment

For a 16-week class, a general guideline is that a student would spend three hours per week for every credit hour. So, if you are taking a three-hour course you should expect to dedicate a minimum of nine hours of study per week to the course. It is important to be mindful that this is a general guideline, so you may find yourself needing to dedicate more time to coursework. Also, please be aware that if you are taking a five-week or eight-week class this hourly guideline would increase.

Online Readiness

Still unsure if online is for you? CLC provides helpful tools to help determine if you’re ready for online courses.

Ready to Get Started

If you have made the decision that online learning is for you, learn how to get started!

Need Help?

Still have unanswered questions or need assistance? We can help you with online learning at CLC.