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Elderly woman wearing earphones with text Changing perspectives.

Discovery Program for Adults

How to Register for a Discovery Program

Students who wish to take a Discovery program need a CLC student ID prior to registering.

To get your CLC ID, please complete the Student Admission Form.

If you already have your CLC ID, you may register online or in person at any of our three campus locations.

Changing perspective. Try our dynamic learning experiences with exploratory views. Venture into new horizons with relevant topics. Look through the lens of hope by reviewing and reflecting upon the overview of current events, film, history and literature. Our multimedia presentations are sure to bring inspiration along with an insightful outlook from an academic perspective. Look for excursion-experiences in summer and fall of 2021.

Please note the following:

  • A required COVID-19 Self-Certification Health Screening Form will be sent to all enrolled students home email and CLC email addresses from approximately 24 hours after registering for a course. This form is required if you plan to attend an in-person class or visit any CLC campus during the summer semester.
  • Online Classes We are committed to the safety and security of online instruction and are constantly adapting to offer the best experience for all users. To help ensure security during Zoom webinars, a password to enter the Zoom session will be provided to assist with these measures.
  • In-Person Classes These classes will plan to run unless other determinations are made based off of the current health climate and pending regulations.
    • Students attending in-person classes are required to properly wear a face mask and to follow physical distancing guidelines. Access points are limited on all three campuses. The Student Guide provides current campus information.