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Endeavor Classes and Experiences

Class Schedule

Fall 2020

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Endeavor classes are in interactive experiences that incorporate the mind and the body. Consider choral groups, dance, fitness, creative arts, genealogy, wellness, photography and many more topics. Your mind will have so many options for growth, join us.

Note: A required COVID-19 Self-Certification Health Screening Form will be sent to all enrolled students home email and CLC email addresses from approximately 24 hours after registering for a course. This form is required if you plan to attend an in-person class or visit any CLC campus during the fall semester.

How to Register for all Endeavor Classes and Experiences

Students who wish to take these courses need a CLC student ID prior to registering.

To get your CLC ID, please complete the Non-Credit Student Admission Form.

If you already have your CLC ID, you may register online or in person at any of our three campus locations.