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Male and Female Nursing Assistants in discussion

CNA Re-Certification

Certified Nursing Assistant Re-Certification

This training is designed for those who have already completed the Certified Nurse Assistant course and who have successfully completed the Illinois Nurse Aide Examination, but are no longer listed on the Illinois Nurse Aide Registry. Before registering for this course, you must complete the Online Re-certification Form with SIU Illinois Nurse Testing Aide. Please follow all instructions when submitting the form. If you are eligible for re-certification, they will send you a re-certification packet and a letter stating that you are eligible for re-certification. If you plan to register for the course, please email the eligibility letter to

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* Due to changing rules and regulations, this document is updated frequently.

Fall 2019 Course Descriptions and Schedule Information

Note: Vocational Credits do not apply to any degree or certificate program offered at the college in the academic divisions. Vocational credits will not be added to a student's academic credit hours or included in the GPA. Students receive a grade of P (Pass) or N (No Pass). Call the department at 847-543-2990 for additional information.

All classes are not offered every semester.

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