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Meet the Professors

Patty Clark
Instructor, Business Administration

Specialties: Entrepreneurship/small business management.

Teaching full time at CLC since: 2014; previously taught as an adjunct at CLC and at Northern Illinois University.

Subjects taught at CLC: Entrepreneurship/small business management, introductory business, marketing, and advertising.

Other professional experience: Spent 17 years in marketing at McDonald’s Corp. and the Leo Burnett Co.

Education: B.S., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; M.S., Northern Illinois University.

What inspires me about my field: Entrepreneurship is much more than a major or a job choice; it is a “mindset” and a “skill set” needed in all areas of business! Research shows that future workers in all types of organizations, from start-ups to large corporations, will need to be “entrepreneurial” in their skills, their approach to work and how they market themselves for income security. Entrepreneurship is about recognizing opportunity, solving problems, collaborating with others and adapting to change. I try to nurture these skills in my students every day.

Bob Dodd
Professor Emeritus, Business Administration

Specialties: Management.

Teaching full time at CLC since: 2008; previously taught one year as an adjunct.

Subjects taught at CLC: Introductory business, management, leadership, management skills, and personal finance.

Other professional experience: Before I began this second career (OK, it’s really a hobby), I spent almost 30 years in business management and leadership positions at a management consulting firm.

Education: A.S., College of Lake County; B.S., University of Iowa; M.B.A., Northwestern University.

Main goal in teaching:  My main goal in teaching is NOT to teach, but to facilitate student curiosity and learning.

Kent Donewald
Professor Emeritus, Business Administration

Venkat Krishnamurthy
Instructor, Business Administration

Specialties: Finance.

Teaching full time at CLC since: 2004; previously taught as an adjunct at Elgin Community College.

Subjects taught at CLC: Fundamentals of finance, personal finance, and introductory business.

Other professional experience: Previously worked as an investment representative at Edward Jones Investments.

Education: B.S., Indian Institute of Technology in Madras, India; M.S., University of Texas at Austin; M.B.A., University of Chicago.

Main goal in teaching: My main goal is to make the business world meaningful, accessible and interesting for students. I also strive to get students excited about business and motivated to pursue careers in the field. To accomplish these goals, I take concepts that are often complicated to students and to explain them in simple, understandable terms to which students can relate. Ultimately, my goal is to make students feel empowered by their newfound knowledge and to develop their confidence as they take their first steps out into the working world.

Lori Oriatti
Professor Emeritus, Business Administration

Specialties: Marketing.

Teaching full time at CLC since: 2008; previously taught for nine years as a CLC adjunct.

Subjects taught at CLC: Marketing, introductory business, and business ethics.

Other professional experience: Marketing brand manager for seven years at the Quaker Oats Co. and two years at Solo Cup Corp.; previously worked in marketing support at the Ralston Purina Co.

Education: B.S., Iowa State University; M.B.A., Loyola University.

Main goal in teaching:  I strive to make the connection from what we are learning in class to what the students will actually be doing in the business world. I have students choose current events every week to discuss what is happening in the world and how it applies to what we are learning. That, coupled with the active learning and real-world examples from my career, helps to make the connection from classroom to workplace. Marketing is dynamic and constantly changing. I never have the same lecture twice because I simply open the newspaper in the morning or watch the news and there is something new to talk about.