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Meet the Professors

Eric Berkowitz
Professor of Cybersecurity, Computer Information Technology

My discipline specialties are cyber security and defense, and machine intelligence. I have been in the military, in government and in industry in addition to being a professor and director of a cyber security research center. Cybersecurity is a fascinating technological field and at the same time is deeply human. My teaching style demystifies the technically complex elements, and my goal is to help all interested students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed and advance in the profession.

Sanjay Kumar
Instructor, Computer Information Technology

Specialties: Networking, IT security, A+ certification, PC technology and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certifications.

Teaching full time at CLC since: 2001; previously, he worked as a lead instructor for  a network engineering and management program at a private computer learning center.

Subjects taught at CLC: Computer hardware and software overview, operating systems, Internet, computer networks, server administration, network security and desktop support.

Other professional experience: Worked as a consultant, training corporate employees in various industry certifications from Microsoft and CompTIA, as well as constructing and troubleshooting data and telecommunications networks. He also worked as a systems administrator and was responsible for designing, organizing, modifying and supporting a company's computer systems (LANs, WANs, Internet and intranet systems and network segments).

Education: M.S. from Indian Institute of Technology, University of Alberta and DeVry University; Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Trainer.

What inspires me about my field: I find a tremendous opportunity to learn new technology and skills which I enjoy passing on to students.

Robert Scherbaum
Instructor, Computer Information Technology

Specialties: Web development.

Teaching full time at CLC since: 2001; previously taught for two years as a CLC adjunct.

Subjects taught at CLC: Introduction to computers, programming, web page creation and scripting, PHP Programming and Adobe Dreamweaver.

Education: B.S., Northern Illinois University, M.A., Webster University.

Main goal in teaching: I find gratification in imparting technical skills and knowledge. In particular, I enjoy working with students to facilitate mastery of a field and helping them to reach their personal and professional development goals. Realizing the value of education, I want to inspire students and make a difference in their lives.