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Student/Alumni Testimonials

The Fundamentals of Speech course (CMM 121) was one of the classes that I feared the most because I used to get very nervous every time I had to make a speech in front of any sized group. But as it turned out, I enjoyed every day I was in the class because the instructor, Nedra Adams-Soller, was very supportive. I finished the course with absolute confidence in my public speaking and communication skills. As a volunteer on various committees and organizations within the North Chicago School District, I have to make speeches to parents all the time. I quite literally put all the things I learned from the speech course into making my speech sound as clear and professional as possible. It’s important to take communication classes because one of the major parts of making society work is the ability to communicate effectively with each other, that is, to express ourselves in a clear and easy to understand way.

Edith Lopez, biology major who plans to earn a bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and eventually work as a lab technician or site investigator for a county coroner’s office

Among the strengths of CLC’s communication program is that students learn to consider other people's lifestyles, cultures and traditions and look beyond first impressions. Knowing more about a person’s history is a large factor in communicating effectively with him or her to obtain a common ground or solution. And knowing how to adapt in situations that are uncomfortable to me, because they are outside my “normal,” is another skill that I learned.

Outside of class, I had parts in CLC Theatre productions such as “Dr. Doolittle” and was prop manager for “Young Frankenstein.” Working with non-CLC students and people of different cultures than my own, put my communication skills to the test. The CLC communication classes taught me to not take everything said personally or at face value and to try to understand the background from which the person spoke.

My career goal is to help all nations work together to solve our earth’s limited-resource problems. I want to promote understanding and look for common solutions no matter the race, religion, sexual orientation or other factors involved. I believe it is imperative to take communications classes to be successful in any field of study. I would highly recommend that all students enroll in CLC’s communication courses.

Margaret Buckley, majoring in environmental science with a minor in communications; planning to transfer to the University of Illinois

CLC’s communication courses, along with my time competing on the college speech team, were outstanding experiences. Once I transferred to Northern Illinois University, I felt exceptionally prepared to give a speech on any topic in a limited amount of time. I learned how to develop a structure for public speaking activities that helped me feel calm and prepared to give a speech to both large and small crowds. I also learned how to properly research topics and work more efficiently with small groups.

As a nurse, it is my job to talk to and provide education to other medical professionals, as well as patients and family members. It can be easy to feel intimidated about speaking to these groups. However, competing on the speech team helped me learn how to speak with confidence. It also taught me how to properly conduct meaningful research, a skill that is important no matter what occupation you choose.

In any career, strong communication skills are vital because without communication, there is chaos. At CLC, the professors find a way of making communication courses enjoyable and meaningful to everyday life. It was an honor to work with several of the professors.

Kristen Frey, 2011 graduate with an A.A.S. in nursing from CLC and a B.S. in nursing from Northern Illinois University. She is a registered nurse at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center in North Chicago.

Studying communication at CLC has made me a better leader and employee. I have gained knowledge on how to give effective presentations and implement ideas in my congregation.

CLC’s program offers a range of classes that help a person to be a better communicator. The classes are set up in a way that helps you learn the concepts through hands-on practice. All of the classes will transfer to the four-year university that I am planning to attend. 

Good communication is central to success, but not everyone knows how to communicate effectively. Taking at least one communication class will help broaden your understanding on how to interact with others cross-culturally or interpersonally.

Michael Rivera, high school youth director, Gurnee Community Church; planning to transfer to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, majoring in communication with a minor in leadership.