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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Engineering for Me?

If you like figuring out how things work, solving problems, new technologies, science and math, then engineering could be a good field for you.

Will my courses transfer?

All CLC Engineering Transfer courses are part of the ABET approved curriculum for any university engineering program. Course articulations are in place for all the major transfer schools in Illinois. View the CLC Engineering Transfer 4 Year School Transfer Guide (PDF).

What majors are available?

A student can start at CLC and major in any of the major disciplines in engineering, including Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Computer Science, Aerospace/Aeronautical, Biomedical, Materials, Chemical, Industrial, and more.

What is the transfer process like?

Students apply for transfer in the winter of their sophomore year for Fall transfer. Transfer acceptance criteria are based mainly on your CLC GPA if more than 30 hours have been taken here at CLC. View the Transfer Guides by Major: Engineering or the Engineering and Computer Science fact sheet (PDF) for reference. 

How do I know if I will be accepted to transfer?

The GPA required to transfer to most engineering schools is at least 2.5. Some schools require a 3.0, and UIUC uses the Engineering Pathways program to select transfer students from. Several guaranteed transfer agreements are in place with area Engineering schools. Learn more about Guaranteed Transfer Admission.

Are internships available?

The Career and Job Placement Center assists students with finding internships in engineering. Students have worked at many local engineering companies including Abbvie, McClean Fogg, Bosch, Continental Automotive and Lake County DOT.

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