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Meet the Professors

Photo of Rob Twardock

Rob Twardock
Instructor, Engineering

Specialties: Geotechnical engineering and construction management.

Teaching full time at CLC since: 2000; also taught at Mt. Hood Community College; worked for ten years as a consulting engineer in Michigan and Illinois.

Subjects taught at CLC: Engineering graphics, statics, mechanics of materials, introductory engineering, construction materials and construction methods.

Education: B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Illinois Registered Professional Engineer.

Main goal in teaching: My main goal is to connect with students in a way that motivates them to learn the material deeply, not just to pass a test. Engineering can be a rewarding career, and if students understand the impact they can make, they are more likely to not only succeed at their studies, but also have a successful and rewarding career. I really enjoy getting to know students on a personal basis, learning where they’re at in their journey, and helping them along the path to being an engineer.

Photo of Jan Edwards

Jan Edwards
Instructor, Engineering

Specialties: Materials science and metallography.

Teaching full time at CLC since: 2015; started as an adjunct in 2012; worked for 13 years as a consulting engineer; prior to that, served as education manager at Buehler Ltd., a Lake Bluff-based provider of materials preparation, testing and analysis services.

Subjects taught at CLC: Engineering graphics, statics, mechanics of materials and introductory engineering.

Education: B.S. and M.S., materials science engineering, Michigan Technological University.

Main goal in teaching: I seek to inspire my students’ curiosity and love of learning. They need to know the fundamentals to be prepared when they transfer. However, if they continue to ask questions throughout their career, then they will truly be successful. As an engineering educator I am in a unique position; I’m educating individuals who will create and use technology that does not exist today.