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Graphic of notebook and magnifying glass with text: Why did you decide to study at CLC? How has that experience helped you? Current student and alumni panel

Why CLC?

Current students and alumni who have recently transferred to Engineering programs at area universities share why they chose to start at CLC.

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What Students Say

"At CLC, I had a phenomenal time, and I always give it my highest recommendation. I couldn’t afford to start at a large, four-year college, but at CLC, I received a scholarship through the Honors Scholars program, and I had a terrific educational experience. Nick Schevera, an English professor, was such a great mentor, always encouraging us to try something new. In an Honors Scholar Seminar class (HUM 299), we explored how competition affects education and other areas of life. Several professors came and explored the topic from their own specialty, from English to humanities to sciences. It was really interesting to hear the different perspectives."

Alex Massman, 2014 Associate in Engineering Science graduate

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"While I attended CLC, two engineering professors—Margie Porter and Michelle Leonard—were my mentors in the Scholars program and helped me believe in myself when I was pursuing engineering. Margie gave me my first engineering project and Michelle helped me navigate through my first career fair. Rob Twardock, also an engineering professor, was a mentor who helped me build confidence in my abilities to be an engineer. He also helped me plan Engineering Club meetings when I was the group’s president."

Vivian Sandoval, 2012 Associate in Engineering Science graduate

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“When I talk to friends who began their pre-engineering majors at large, four-year universities, I see that CLC has given me the same quality of education but with much smaller class sizes. And I like the idea that I’m not drowning in debt. CLC is a great place to get your foundation for a four-year degree because it’s a quality education for an affordable price.”

Dom Olesak, 2017 Associate in Science graduate

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“CLC’s Engineering Pathways program prepared me well for the U of I. The program removes lots of guesswork when planning which transfer courses to take. There are set course lists, and there is a lot of communication between representatives at CLC and their U of I counterparts. They work with you to make sure that your transfer is seamless as possible. Academically, CLC gave me a great foundation; the same amount of rigor as the U of I, and CLC’s competitive tuition removes a big financial stress.”

Justin Badua, 2017 Associate in Engineering Science graduate

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“The quality of education at CLC is high, and it has prepared me well for the University of Illinois College of Engineering. In my first semester at the U of I, I attained a GPA of 3.8 after completing an introductory electronics course in addition to 400-level courses in differential equations, statistics, operations research and statics. Considering that the GPA was the same as what I had earned at CLC, it means that CLC did a great job of preparing me for classes at one of the top engineering schools in the world.”

Nitin Tangellamudi, Associate in Engineering Science graduate

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“I would not trade my first two years of college at College of Lake County with any four-year college or university. CLC allowed me to self-fund my transition—from a young student who had no career goals into a self-sufficient adult with a plan. No one ever told me that I had skills in math until I came to CLC, when I earned A grades in pre-calculus and calculus, and a professor complimented me. That started me thinking of doing something with applied math, and I later decided on a career in engineering.”

Patrick Burgess, 2012 graduate

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“As a kid, I dreamed big about space travel and technology, and I was fascinated with NASA. Thanks to CLC, I had an unforgettable experience in NASA’s 2017 Community College Aerospace Scholars program. In the four-day visit to NASA’s John Glenn Research Center near Cleveland, which took place in April, I was on a team with 10 other students from around the country. We competed with three other teams on a design project for exploring the surface of Mars. Each team acted as its own company that pitched its idea to NASA engineers. Like the real world, we had to meet a deadline, work as a team, deal with conflict and manage costs. Our team got along very well, and it was great to make new friends and meet some awesome scientists. We had two mentors who were engineers working on improving airplane fuel efficiency through improved aerodynamics of airplanes. The overall experience is something I’ll never forget.”

Paul Kim, Associate in Engineering Science student

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