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Composition courses develop students' competence in college-level writing and in the analysis of texts, helping them enter the dialogue of the academic community. These classes supply students with experience as writers and readers with various purposes in different contexts. Developmental, first-year, honors, and online courses are offered.

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Developmental Composition

CLC offers two courses for those students not yet prepared to read and write college-level material. ENG 108 and ENG 109 prepare students to succeed in their academic careers by providing extensive instruction and experience in both reading and writing. Successful completion of ENG 109 (a "C" or better) allows students to move on to ENG 121.

First-Year Composition

CLC offers two transferable first-year composition courses. This two-course sequence prepares students for the demands of college level writing. English Composition I and II are offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

For more information, visit the Transfer Information page.

Honors Courses

The English department offers one section of ENG 121: Composition I (Fall) and one section of ENG 121: Composition II (Spring) as honors classes. These sections are available to students who have been accepted into the College of Lake County Honors Program. Honors classes are intended to provide highly motivated students with an enriched academic experience. In addition to tuition scholarships, students will receive an honors designation on their transcripts.

For more information, please visit to the Honors Program page.