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Seismic Station

Seismometers measure motions of the ground, including seismic waves generated by earthquakes, nuclear explosions, and other seismic sources.

Live Seismic Activity at CLC

Digitized seismic data from a professional level seismic sensor has been collected 24/7 since Friday, February 5, 2010. Seismic activities in this region and all over the world are on display in the T Building (first floor).

Ancient Chinese Seismograph

A replica of the ancient Chinese seismograph (made of ceramic by one of our art students) is on display at the college.

This ancient Chinese seismograph wast one of the the world's first seismographs invented by a Chinese scientist 2000 years ago. Although this ancient scientific invention can no longer be used to detect earthquakes precisely by any modern standards, it is a masterpiece of historical design and function.

In response to the ground shaking caused by an earthquake, the marble balls inside the dragons' mouths would fall out and down into the mouths of the fish waiting underneath. The fish that receives the ball approximates the direction from which the seismic waves originate.


Recent Earthquakes

Historical Earthquakes

Other Earthquake Resources